"Can YOU get me my job back?"

Welcome to this week’s Getting Quoted, brought to you by the copious amount of Buckley’s cold medicine I am currently on (I’ll be right back, the walls are melting again).

This week we have Manny Acta getting fired, Ozzie Guillen getting pissed and Jeffrey Loria getting…charitable? That can’t be right.

Manny’s passion for the game, positive attitude and tremendous knowledge of baseball helped guide us to a number of high points during his tenure. Managerial changes are never easy or taken lightly, but as we approached the end of the season and turned our attention to assessing the year, we determined a change was necessary.

I love quotes that come out after a manager gets fired. They’re always that perfect mix of complete bullshit and vaguely false sincerity. Manny Acta’s firing has had this effect on Indian’s General Manager Chris Antonetti. I look forward to the next one.

And then I’d come out for an at-bat and I would hear this kind of growing surge, and it really was neat. I mean I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced something like that before. Maybe I never will again. Although I wasn’t distracted from the moment, how could you not be motivated to go out there and give the fans and, well, your teammates and yourself all that you have.

I think it’s incredibly cool that R.A. Dickey was able to win 20 games this year but does anyone else find it odd that there’s such praise being heaped upon him for being the “first knuckleballer to win 20 games since 1980?” I mean, I know it’s a unique pitch and not a lot of guys can throw one effectively but, personally, I find it a little strange that this one pitch can so define a pitcher that it puts them in unique company. You would never hear someone say “the first curveball pitcher to win 20 games.” Again, I know it’s not a common pitch but still. Or maybe this is just one of those things that I find weird that nobody else does. Like Matryoshka dolls. Those things creep me out. It’s probably one of those things.

I’m not pitching the way I want and I’m not getting the result I want, so that’s not good.

I can’t tell if Ivan Nova‘s reaction to losing to the Jays is refreshing, cliched, hilarious, or some mix of all three. All I know is it’s nice to hear a quote like this after a Jays game from someone other than Ricky Romero.

If he finishes anywhere close to (the Triple Crown), it’s hands down. If anyone hasn’t done something in ‘X’ amount of years, there shouldn’t be an argument. There’s a reason why it’s been so difficult to do.

Well, Miguel Cabrera certainly has Curtis Granderson‘s vote for MVP. I usually don’t like agreeing with anyone related to the Yankees about anything but Granderson used this whole “X” theory. I don’t get algebra. I can’t disprove this at all. It must be true. Cabrera for MVP!

I’m extremely proud to extend this opportunity to Adam. He has earned this chance as his love and passion for the game never diminished, despite his career tragically being cut short. I look forward to seeing Adam step up to the plate and realizing his comeback dream next Tuesday night.

Okay, so, I’m super conflicted here. Allow me to explain. In 2005 Adam Greenberg was hit in the head by a fastball during his first major league at bat. He never saw a major league pitch because of the after-effects of this. Jeffrey Loria and the Marlins have signed him to a one-day contract to play in the 2nd last game of the Marlins’ season for Greenberg to attempt to get a hit. Great story, right? Why am I conflicted about this? Because Jeffrey Loria is behind it. Doesn’t there have to be some sinister motive behind this? Is this a Yom Kippur-related plot? Maybe this is what Loria does instead of fasting? Maybe he thinks this will absolve him of his sins for the year. I don’t know. I just know I don’t trust it. (In all seriousness, though, I hope this guy gets like 19 hits).

It gives a viable option to parents…so they don’t have to jump on a plane or what have you to go to the East Coast just to have their sons compete. With this facility, with as many fields as we’re going to provide, it gives kids in the Midwest and far West and an opportunity to have the same type of competition, but not travel as far.

Wade Boggs is investing in a complex for youth baseball in the Midwest? Sign me up. I am neither young enough, good enough, American enough or Midwest enough to qualify to play there but…Wade Boggs! Come on, man. I love Wade Boggs. I hope he gives the kids cool tips on how to drink your weight in beer on charter flights. That’d be a fun class.

It was my turn this week. Last week it was the pitching coach. The week before it was his teammates. Every week it’s something. That’s why I don’t respect him as a person. You have to have principles.

You didn’t think we were getting out of here without the Ozzie Guillen/Heath Bell situation coming up, did you? I want Ozzie to feud with every player on every team just to hear what he has to say about them. You know how we were talking about false sincerity in GM’s statements once a manager is fired? Ozzie is pretty much the exact opposite of that. And I love him for it. Give this man a permanent microphone and just let him record his thoughts. I would totally listen to that radio station. I’m sure Sirius would give him a channel.

I don’t ever want to challenge anybody’s integrity. That’s wrong. My players are professionals, and they didn’t get here without being guys that played their hearts out all the time. Sometimes you say, what can I say to maybe make them mad enough to say, you know, I’ll show that (guy). So that was maybe the way I tried to approach it last night, and I don’t ever do that. So it might have been the wrong way.

A lot of Mets’ stuff today. So, Terry Collins criticized his players basically for being shitty, and then backpedaled the next day with this little soundbite. I don’t buy it. Don’t start claiming professionalism and apologize for treating players like professionals. They’re the Mets. They are shitty. Ozzie would never allow for this. Have we figured out cloning yet?