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You’ll find little debate here as to who should win the American League MVP (hint: Mike Trout), but Miguel Cabrera has the American League’s best dancer award all wrapped up.

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The night Colby Rasmus broke the Trop

Jon Jay’s circus act

More like PujLOLs

Travis Snider brings one back

Left hanging of the week

R.I.P. glove of the week

Moustakas… more like mistakes, amirite?

Exception of the week

Comments (4)

  1. So that’s really the best shot of the Snider catch. Boooo.

  2. I believe this is the one you want. Great close-up of Travis just barely getting his glove on the ball

  3. Trout and Davis’ are still better then Snider’s catch I think.

  4. I like to watch the Rasmus/Sierra clip but focus only on the latter. It’s pretty entertaining.

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