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With the bases loaded in the first inning of Saturday’s Washington Nationals game against the St. Louis Cardinals, Michael Morse crushed a first-pitch sinker from Kyle Lohse into right field. It appeared to bounce off the scoreboard above the top of the wall for an opposite field grand slam. However, the ball bounced back onto the field, and Morse was thrown out as the base runners got jammed, as the ball was thought to have hit the top of the fence.

A livid Davey Johnson, the manager of the Nats, came out of the dugout and convinced the umpires to review the play. After seeing the video replay, the crew agreed that it was indeed a home run, and the Nationals were granted their four runs … but only if they reenacted the hit, presumably to entertain the fans of pantomime in attendance at Busch Stadium.

Watch the entirety of the video above as the umpires force Morse to pretend to hit a grand slam, after actually doing so, in order for his team to collect the four runs that they’re due. If only his original swing had more #Natitude, this wouldn’t have been a problem.

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  1. Umm… what just happened there?

    • Yeah, anyone mind explaining why there was an imaginary swing?

      • Did you not read the article? LOL WOW!

      • He didn’t have to swing.

        I’m pretty sure he just had to return to home plate because all the runners must start from their own base (you can’t have two runners standing on first) but I’ve never seen a replay change an out into a home run before…

        • they didnt look at the replay, they had an umpires meeting to discuss what they all saw to determine what the right call is. They dont “review” plays in MLB

  2. Best part of the video: 3rd base coach and Morse still doing the high-five around the last turn. Classic.

  3. This is amazing.

  4. wow. thats amazing.

  5. Haha,that’s awesome!classic moment.

  6. Good shit, I wont forget this 1.

  7. LOL! That was awesome. IMO he should have imaginarily bunted the grand slam

  8. baseball is not a sport.

  9. Hahaha wow this was awesome, i was loving life as i watched play, one i will never forget. just when you think you have seen it all in a baseball game, haha just wow

  10. Expect the unexpected…

  11. … Replacement umps?

  12. It isn’t the umps fault, the problem is poor field design. There needs to be a much larger gap between the fence and the electronic sign that is above it. Without replay, it would next to impossible to tell if the ball hit the top of the fence or the sign slightly above it.

  13. Thank you!!! that was the funniest thing i have ever seen in Baseball!!! i think he should have done a better fake swing… lol

  14. Morse fake swings like a pussy

  15. My favorite part in when Anton Chigurh takes a bite out of his batting helmet

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