The 2012 Major League Baseball Season will always be considered a special one. In addition to being the first played under a new and exciting playoff format, there were records broken, pitching perfection was accomplished, and the Oakland A’s staged one of the most dramatic turn arounds in baseball history to win its division on the last day of the regular season. Perhaps the most impressive achievement to come out of this season though, was an individual accomplishment of three different metrics, a Triple Crown, if you will.

Of course, I’m writing about Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels winning the Fangraphs Wins Above Replacement title, the Baseball Reference Wins Above Replacement title and the Baseball Prospectus Wins Above Replacement Player title, and doing so, in all three cases, quite handily over the next closest player.

Congratulations, Mr. Trout, on a fantastic season of offensive and defensive accomplishments.

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  1. Question, has any one else one all three in recent history?

  2. I’m not a full believer in advanced metrics — I’d say I’m a solid half-and-half guy. There’s power in both. And I believe despite what Miguel Cabrera did, Mike Trout is AL MVP. Cabrera should be the Offensive Player of the Year, which exists as the Hank Aaron Award that’s unfortunately voted on by the fans and not the BBWAA — hence why Kevin Youkilis won it one year.

    But, as I wrote yesterday on another GB thread’s comment post, just for today let’s forget the sabermetrics. Even if Miguel Cabrera isn’t the MVP, he did something no one has done in 45 years. I don’t care if there’s too much myth, and that there are FAR better tools to measure a hitter’s ability than Average and RBI. We just saw a Triple Crown winner. We may never see it again. And for all the brilliance that Mike Trout has shown as the best all-around player in the game this year (and hopefully for many, many years to come), we can’t minimize what Miggy has done. Let’s just enjoy the history of this as fans of the great game of baseball.

    • I read your comment yesterday on the other post and tried to +1,000,000 it but my connection went wonky and I never returned. I agree the Hank Aaron award should be one of the official BBWA awards and that is long overdue. That said, while I find it a little too polarizing of an argument, I have enjoyed the discourse Trout and Miggy have brought to the forefront. In fact, I actually like the debate each year that the MVP brings, even though I usually disagree with the choice. It would be so boring if it was always a slam dunk — or even just a numbers award.

      And I’m in the Trout camp by the way. I’ve always cringed that MVP is so offensively weighted (unless, of course, you’re Verlander in 2011).

      But this is for the Getting Blanked crew. Miggy is awesome, as you guys have said. And baseball is still about tradition, superstition and all kinds of stupid ritualistic behaviour. It’s part of the game. What’s really lost in the “How the fuck can anyone think Miggy is MVP” side of the debate is that “Holy shit, Miggy won the triple crown.”

      Getting Blanked is my favourite baseball blog because you don’t just report the news stories but you take another angle at the stories and back it up with data and logic (and humour). I know how hard story ideation is and respect the stuff you guys come up with. I would never want you to write a post summarizing Miggy’s season and just restating “Miggy won the Triple Crown.” Tons of places for that.

      What I want to read is the story no one else is writing; the angle unique to your voice. What’s the unique story about Miggy’s Triple Crown that no one else is writing? This was a good step in that direction — a funny play on the story and gets your point across. But what I’d love from you guys is a story about how amazing Miggy’s year was from a GB perspective. I know you guys respect him as a player and his season. As a baseball blog, I want to see something about MIggy’s accomplishment here. Maybe I missed it — you have certainly been very upfront about your respect for his season. But I think the day after he wins the Triple Crown, GB could offer a great take that no one else does. I am aware this is your blog and you can write what you want. I’m just giving you my two cents: I was hoping to see something about it today.

      I might be out to lunch though.

      • Well said. I agree wholeheartedly. And I don’t mean to take away from the wonderful work Parkes, Drew and the rest of the crew here does every day. GB truly is one of the finest baseball blogs out there, and while I don’t always agree with everything posted it’s still an influence on my own work as I move into the baseball media.

        And these debates are just another reason why baseball is the greatest sport on the planet.

      • I’ve got something up my sleeve, don’t’ worry.

  3. I think leading the league in HR/RBI/AVG is more impressive only because it happens less often and thus harder to do. Then again I think winning a double crown leading the league in stolen bases and home runs, would be even more impressive than either.

    • Think about it. Mike Trout. Sophmore season. Quadruple Crown winner. HR/AVG/RBI/SB

    • Happens more often then a player playing at a 30 and 50 level.

      • too bad he couldn’t have gotten 1 more steal and became only the third person in the history of the MLB to hit 30 or more homeruns and get at least 50 steal. Eric Davis and Barry Bonds are the only other 2 to do it. That’s absolutely remarkable.

        • Still is one of only three to hit 30 and still 49 ;)

          • haha well played! I also must include another sentence so that my comment is long enough to post. This concludes my comment. Thanks for reading.

        • It’s so easy to forget how great Bonds was overall, beyond the 762 HR. He had 5 30-30 seasons (before you get to 30-40, etc) and he’s the only member of the 400-400 and 500-500 clubs. Ridiculous.


  5. Though I realize that there are metrics today that better measure the value of a player, there is still a part of me that remembers growing up believing that RBIs, batting average, and home runs were all meaningful. That part of me thinks that seeing a triple crown winner is still really cool. Do I think that makes him the MVP? Of course not, but I am not so elitist and petty that I can’t at least appreciate this relatively rare feat.

  6. Touchee monsieur!

  7. So, did you guys see that new movie Constipation yet?

    What’s that? No? Well that’s because it hasn’t come out …

  8. For a real indication of how much Trout’s speed has helped him, consider this:
    If you are to take his standard OBP and SLG numbers (.399 and .564), subtract his 5 CS from his OBP and change 49 of his singles into doubles for his SLG, he posted an OBP of .391 and SLG of .651. Together, that gives him an OPS of 1.042, good for best in the league. Without even factoring in his defense, Trout was a more valuable offensive player this season than Cabrera (while he was on the field).

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