In what represents the worst kept secret in all of baseball, Bobby Valentine is OUT as Red Sox manager after overseeing the first 90 loss season in more than 45 years.

Bobby Valentine rode in on a white horse gorged on wraps but was unable to stem the tide of underperformance, clubhouse cancers and straight-up backwards thinking. Valentine battled with players and accused his coaches of undercutting him in his brief time as Sox manager.

His reputed in-game managing acumen took a back seat to all the off-field and/or tabloid exploits that, in a lost season, quickly became the focus in Boston. Did the time away from the game prove too long for Bobby V or was this Red Sox disaster too much for any one man to tame?

Sox GM Ben Cherington has his work cut out for him…again as he seeks a new field boss. After the way Bobby was treated and the associated junk floating around this team right now, is anybody going to want this job?