Game 2 between the Oakland Athletics and Detroit Tigers goes at noon ET today. We’ll be here to provide game updates and irreverent insight. The Athletics send lefty Tom Milone to the mound, while the Tigers counter with Doug Fister.

Here are your lineups:

Oakland Athletics

1. Coco Crisp (S) CF
2. Stephen Drew (L) SS
3. Yoeni$ Ce$pede$ (R) LF
4. Brandon Moss (L) 1B
5. Josh Reddick (L) RF
6. Josh Donaldson (R) 3B
7. Seth Smith (L) DH
8. George Kottaras (L) C
9. Cliff Pennington (S) 2B

Detroit Tigers

1. Austin Jackson (R) CF
2. Omar Infante (R) 2B
3. Miguel Cabrera (R) 3B
4. Prince Fielder (L) 1B
5. Delmon Young (R) DH
6. Jhonny Peralta (R) SS
7. Andy Dirks (L) LF
8. Avisail Garcia (R) RF
9. Gerald Laird (R) C

Rogers Sportsnet indicates that MLB Network is experiencing some difficulty in their ability to push this broadcast out from Detroit. We will have coverage of the game here once the issue is corrected.

… and we’re on.

First Inning

Prince Fielder sends a fly ball to left field for the third out of the bottom half. What happened before this is between the people in attendance at Comerica Park and Americans lucky enough to receive the broadcast feed. No score after one.

Second Inning

Fister Ks Brandon Moss to start the inning, then follows it up by punching out Josh Reddick. Josh Donaldson notches the first Athletics hit of the game with a short fly ball that lands in shallow right. Seth Smith reaches on a HBP, but Fister Ks Kottaras to strand two.

Andy Dirks singles with two out as Avisail Garcia comes up to bat. Milone delivers a wild pitch, which Dirks takes advantage of to reach second base. Kottaras nearly gets Dirks with a solid throw on the recovery. Milone loses Garcia and here comes Gerald Laird. Milone hits Laird’s oversized jersey with his first pitch. Bases loaded, two out. Austin Jackson flies to Coco Crisp for the third out. Scoreless in the D.

Official Brandon Moss action figure

Third Inning

Cliff Pennington reaches on a broken bat single. I’ve lost count, but it seems as though there’s been half a dozen or so broken bats so far. Crisp dribbles one between Triple Crown and Peralta, Cabrera’s throw pulls Fielder off the bag at first. Cue Cabrera defense/Mike Trout hybrid jokes. Two on, none out. Stephen Drew is called out on strikes on a groovy two-seamer from Fister. Drew is not happy with the call, but it looks good on MLB Network’s laser show. Ce$pede$ singles to left, Pennington scores, 1-0 Athletics.

MossMan singles to right, Garcia comes up throwing to get Crisp at home. Two out, two on, 1-0 Athletics. Fister sits down Reddick with another nasty two-seamer. Tigers escape down by 1.

Fister gets nasty, Reddick gets angry

Cabrera doubles and Prince singles while I’m paying my delivery man. Delmon Young dribbles one down the line at first, is tagged out by Moss as Cabrera crosses the plate. Fielder to second, two out. The threat ends with Peralta. 1-1 through three innings.

Fourth Inning

Donaldson reaches first somehow, which I miss while clawing my own eyes out after Jim Kaat suggests Orioles closer Jim Johnson is a legitimate MVP candidate. Seth Smith is an out, but my eyes are still regenerating as this takes place. Oh look, I can see Fister notching his seventh K of the afternoon as Kottaras sits down. Pennington lines one to Fielder, which ricochets of his mitt, but Snuggie recovers and flips to Fister who just beats an idiotic slide by Pennington.

Reports indicate that there may be some other sporting events taking place today. Unconfirmed.

Milone Ks Dirks for the first out of the bottom half. Stephen Drew makes a great play to come up with Garcia grounder, makes a spinning throw to get him at first. Nice pickup by MossMan. Two down. Laird goes down waiving at some low and away junk. 1-1 through four innings.

Fifth Inning

Three up, three down for Fister in the top half.

Prince Fielder is absolutely adorable, you guys

Three up, three down for Milone. We are tied at one after five.

Sixth Inning

Fister hits MossMan in the foot, here comes Meth. Meth Ks for the third time today. Donaldson GIDP. Nothing for Oakland in the sixth.

Snuggie sends a fly ball deep to left field for the first Tigers out. Delmon Young makes it two outs with a fly to right. Milone has now retired 10 straight batters. Peralta drops a two-out single in front of Coco Crisp to keep the inning alive. Dirks Ks, Milone’s sixth on the day, for the third out. 1-1 after six.

Seventh Inning

Seth Smith draws a walk, Kottaras moves him over with a sacrifice bunt. Pennington singles and drives in Smith. Oakland takes the lead, 2-1. Nothing happens while I look around my house for a hoodie, Dirks catches a fly ball for the third out.

Sean Doolittle in for Milone, Garcia-Laird-Jackson due up for the Tigers.

Will we see some Stone Cold swagger?

Garcia Ks and Laird grounds to Pennington for outs one and two. Jackson reaches base on a single between third and short to keep the inning going. Omar Infante singles to left and just look at those RBI sitting out there for Triple Crown.

Coco Crisp bobbles a shallow fly to center, he has hit, no he doesn’t. The ball pops out of Crisp’s glove as he slams into the ground. It’s ruled an error, two runs for the Tigers, the fans rain down chants of M-V-P. No RBI for Triple Crown. 3-2 Tigers.

Coco Crisp should of cot it

Eighth Inning

Joaquin Benoit in for the Tigers. Ce$pede$ leads off the 8th with a base hit. MossMan sends a fly ball to Jackson, one away. Ce$pede$ steals second on ball two to Reddick. Ce$pede$ the best. Ce$pede$ steals third, no throw from Laird. Be$t. Ce$pede$ scores on a wild pitch. We’re tied at three for about a minute as Josh Reddick hits a home run to right field. Wow, Oakland takes a 4-3 lead.

Omar Infante snags a Seth Smith liner to end the top of the 8th. Oakland leads 4-3.

Ryan Cook is now pitching for Oakland. Delmon Young singles up the middle to lead off. Peralta makes it back to back singles, represents the go ahead run on first base. Curt Young out of the dugout to talk to Cook. Jim Leyland lifts Peralta for Danny Worth as a pinch runner. Dirks will be bunting. Dirks lays a fantastic bunt, Kottaras picks it up and fires to first for the first out. Tie game standing on third, Worth to second. Quintin Berry pinch hitting for Avisail.

Cook Ks Avisail for the second out. Avila is called upon to pinch hit for Laird. Jesus Harold Christ on rubber crutches, the Tigers tie the game on a wild pitch. Don Kelly, pinch running for Young, comes in. Kottaras fail on lack of blocking attempt. 4-4 game, go ahead run on third. Avila called out on strikes to end the inning.

Ninth Inning

Several defensive changes for the Tigers: Avila catching; Dirks to right; Berry in left; Worth to shortstop. Phil Coke is on the mound for Detroit. Coke Ks Derek Norris, who is pinch hitting for Kottaras, for the first out. Cliff Pennington just misses a home run, sending a Coke offering just foul down the left field line. Pennington draws a walk. Coco Crisp at the plate, looking to alter the narrative.

Crisp sends a grounder to Worth, who fires to Infante at second for one out. Crisp beats the throw to first. Two out, go ahead run on first for Stephen Drew. Drew rips a single on a 2-0 pitch from Coke to right, Crisp is running and ends up on third. That’s it for Coke.

Al Alburquerque in for the Tigers. Ce$pede$ promptly hits a grounder back to Alburquerque, who flips the ball to Fielder at first to end the top of the 9th. Alburquerque kisses the ball, I shit you not, before tossing it. SWAG.

Grant Balfour is now pitching for Oakland, top of the order due for Tigers. Balfour Ks Jackson for the first out. Infante singles to right to put the winning run on first base. TRIPLE CROWN COMES TO THE PLATE. Cabrera loops a single into shallow center, Infante goes first to third. Prince Fielder can end the game with a fly ball. Bob Melvin elects to put Fielder on so Balfour can face Don Kelly.

Kelly drives a fly ball to right field, Infante tags and scores to lift the Tigers over the Athletics. Final score 5-4, Tigers head to Oakland up 2-0 in the best of five series.