If we look into the results of a recent player poll conducted by ESPN The Magazine, we learn that the typical baseball player is a homophobic Republican who believes that abortion is a sin worse than gambling but not as bad as smoking marijuana.

That’s probably an unfair exaggeration, but it does reflect the results of the recently released informal poll that samples a very small selection of Major League Baseball players (that surprisingly included more than just Chipper Jones) with the following questions:

Who do you want to win the election?

  • 81.8% for Governor Mitt Romney;
  • 13.6% undecided; and
  • 4.6% of President Barack Obama.

Should the U.S. legalize gay marriage?

  • 55% no; and
  • 45% yes.

Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

  • 65% pro-life; and
  • 35% pro-choice.

Should the U.S. legalize marijuana?

  • 65% no; and
  • 35% yes.

Should the U.S. legalize sports gambling?

  • 59.1% yes; and
  • 40.9% no.

The results of the questionnaire are hilarious in the way that we laugh when we’re incredibly nervous. I’m just going to remain thankful that there were no questions about firearms.

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  1. At least they aren’t football players…when asked who the greatest president ever was, someone responded: “Abolishing slavery is maybe the biggest move a president has ever made…but George Washington–that mother fucker was gangster with some wooden teeth.”

  2. Do you believe it’s hypocritical to vote Republican and yet play in taxpayer funded baseball stadiums while I live in income tax free states like Florida?

  3. “I voted for Obama, and I like him” one NFLer says, “But the economy is a mess, and I’m not seeing the change we voted for.”

    At least we know NFL players are smart, informed voters.

  4. Not entirely surprising. 65% (658/1,015) of US-born MLBers hail from states south of the Mason-Dixon line, per Baseball Almanac.

  5. Sad as fuck. This comment is no longer too short.

  6. Glad there are more non-workers like me than baseball players. We will storm the polls for Obama after we get up around 1pm. If Obama ain’t in, I might lose my govment cheese

  7. At least the majority of MLB players are pro-DUI

  8. not surprising at all. i’m sure their IQ skews south of average, too, though i feel like that would be difficult to arrange a test for.

    and we have no defence for ourselves with the landslide victory Rob Ford won here. <_<

    (don't be too firm on the mason-dixon line as the be-all-and-end-all it used to be. Virginia and North Carolina are trying their best. they're perfectly tolerable to spend a few weeks in now and will be quite cool in a decade. just don't keep going into South Carolina.)

  9. I’m actually surprised that 45% support gay marriage as this isn’t far off with what the U.S. supports as a whole.

  10. A bunch of athletes are a bunch of homophobic, super conservative bro’s.

    Surprise of the century. Obviously a generalization but you get what I mean.

  11. There is zero context provided here whatsoever. Minimal research would show you that these answers aren’t that far off from what average Americans would provide, with the exception of who they would like to win the election, which, oh yea, is because MLB players are filthy rich and obviously would like to keep their money. The title is a gas too since you have zero opportunity to roll with major league players.

  12. Preach on Preacher.

  13. I don’t think the average athlete is ever going to be considered for Mensa membership.

  14. Dude, they’re in almost every way what is meant by “the 1%.” Of course they’re voting Romney.

    • actually, i think you’re probably wrong. for every a-rod there are ten mike mccoys or yan gomes who are lucky if they make 2 million dollars over their careers in the mlb. when some (most?) of these guys spend the time they leave high school to the time they’re 35 making something that looks like minimum wage the rest of the time, you have what i’m sure someone who took economics 101 might call an “opportunity cost” – you’d be better off becoming an electrician at 17 and being fiscally prudent, in other words.

      while a-rod might be a member of the 1%, you only have to look at the number of mlb players who still work after their careers to think that maybe they haven’t all become as independently wealthy as you think. to be a member of the 1%, you need a damn sight more than a few million bucks in savings. you could argue ballplayers more closely resemble autoworkers or teachers (as highly-paid workers) than they do mitt romney.

  15. “I like going on to a sports site and reading the results of a political poll introduced by the author’s obvious bias.” -no one ever
    “homophobic republican”? really? You have reduced people’s view of marriage (that is apparently contrary to yours) as homophobic? really? pretty pathetic. And this is why you dont roll with MLB players? no one cares

    • Rightfully so. Being opposed to gay marriage is exactly that. Homophobic.
      What else do you call it? Who are you to say that a same-sex couple doesn’t deserve the same rights as you? What makes you special?

      Pull your head out of your ass.

      • i think romney’s answer has been that he thinks that gay couples should have all the same rights in the eyes of the state, but that the word “marriage” is specific to male-female relationships. i am not sure, but i think this must have something to do with a romantic understanding of how babies are produced.

      • disagreeing on a position does not mean they are homophobic

      • just because someone is against gay marriage does not mean they fear or hate homosexuals. You and the author are reducing the argument to the lowest common denominator to paint people who disagree with you in a negative light. You are actually intolerant in your “tolerance”

        • You can defend yourself all you want, but it’s homophobia.

          Saying that homosexuals can have the same rights, but they can’t call it marriage is like saying black people can ride the bus but they have to sit at the back.

          If that’s racism, then this is homophobia.

        • Your whole argument means nothing. “Disagreeing on a position doesn’t mean someone’s homophobic.”

          Kind of depends on the position, doesn’t it?

          If I disagree with the position that black people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, doesn’t that make me a racist? Or just because I’m disagreeing, I’m immune to being labeled.

          Whether or not you agree or disagree with same sex marriage should have no bearing on anything. You’re obviously not gay, and the term “marriage” doesn’t belong to you. It’s about civil rights, so yes. Because you disagree with it, you’re more or less discriminating against homosexuals, whether you want to admit to homophobia or not.

          • Thank you for being intelligent and calling out that piece of shit. If you are against gay marriage, don’t get gay married end of story.

    • Lunatic…………………………………………..

  16. Small sample size.

    Just over 20 players were surveyed.

    • Haha, and i’m sure they were chomping at the bit to get the opinions of the ‘Mike McCoy Crowd’ (see above)

  17. This should probably be filed under quelle surprise.

  18. So this is why you don’t roll with Major League Baseball Players?

    Funny, I always thought it was because you are a meek, mousy, shell of a man who repels the sort of personality typically found in a professional athlete.

    Beggars can’t be choosers, so quiet down, Parkes.

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