No Jeter. No Rivera. A-Rod getting benched. Granderson looking lost. Sabathia unavailable. And an improbable, Delmon Young-powered victory on the road in Game One?

Indeed, things sure are looking pretty good at the moment for the team that finished with the seventh best record in the American League, who scraped into the playoffs by virtue of winning the only division in baseball with three 90-loss teams. *COUGH*

But it’s HirOktober, which means anything can still happen, and you can’t feel too bad about your situation if you’re the Yankees, looking at Kuroda on the mound facing Anibal Sanchez, or some of those extremely noticeable holes in Detroit’s lineup.

Here’s what the Tigers lineup looks like or this afternoon’s battle:

A. Jackson CF
Q. Berry LF
M. Cabrera 3B
P. Fielder 1B
D. Young DH
A. Dirks RF
J. Peralta SS
A. Avila C
O. Infante 2B

A. Sanchez RHP

And here, via Brooks Baseball, the pitch usage chart for Sanchez in 2012.

And here is the lineup for the post-Jeter Yankees, as the Captain is, of course, out for the remainder of the playoffs with an ankle fracture:

I. Suzuki LF
R. Cano 2B
M. Teixeira 1B
R. Ibanez DH
R. Martin C
A. Rodriguez 3B
C. Granderson CF
N. Swisher RF
J. Nix SS

H. Kuroda RHP

This is  what we can expect Kuroda to throw by situation (also via Brooks Baseball).

An ALCS game at Yankee Stadium with no Derek Jeter? Should be interesting…

As should Jim Leyland’s decision on who closes out the game, should the Tigers be in position to win, following yet another Jose Valverde implosion– and more Raul Ibanez ninth-inning heroics– late last night, as Scott Lewis masterfully recapped for us.

As yet, a decision on who closes for Detroit has not been made. Or at least not been revealed to the club.

As for Jeter, Bryan Hoch of writes that he’s due more tests on his ankle, as doctors will try to determine whether surgery is necessary.

Here’s your win expectancy graph…

Source: FanGraphs

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  1. “Derek Jeter would never put those kinds of bonuses in his contract”

    “Derek Jeter only cares about yankee wins”

    “That’s what separates Jeter and A-Rod”

    Oh god, i dont like a-rod as much as the next guy, but this is some of the worst commentary of all time. Buck is better than this.

    • It’s really bad. The Yankee-homer commentary is awful.

    • It is truly awful. Not Yankee homerism – more “baseball cliche bingo-a-go-go for morons”

      1. Sabermetrics = bad
      2. Playing the game the right way = good
      3. Derek Jeter = God.

      As someone pointed out somewhere yesterday – A-Rod has better career OPS than Jeter, for whatever that’s worth right now.

      • better career POSTSEASON OPS than Jeter. Apparently.

      • Ben, I couldn’t agree more with points 1, 2, & 3, BUT—in all seriousness, could you please tell us what YOU think A-Rod’s career OPS is worth right now?

        • It’s worth zip, other than that the colossal idiots doing the commentary are making me feel sympathy for one of the richest douchebags in the world.

  2. Why isn’t nobody talking about Robinson Cano’s struggles coming into today? A-Rod’s fault, right?

    • It’s been talked about, there’s also 4 other guys who are being just as shitty, so that’s just how it goes.

  3. This blog needs to wake up a realize that Delmon Young isn’t the worst player on the Tigers when it comes to the plate. I know you’ve all been watching more LA Angels and Dodger games, but man, there is some serious ignorance here.

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