Well that was something. The Detroit Tigers entered the ninth inning up 4-0 on the New York Yankees, but a collapse from the Jose Valverde formerly known as “closer” would erase that with an erratic 28-pitch outing while his manager left him out there to rot. The Tigers would pick up the lead once again in the 12th inning with some help from some Eric Byrnes-esque clowning in the outfield by Nick Swisher and a successful assassination attempt on the Derek Jeter’s left ankle. Terrible news for the Yankees. Terrible news for baseball.

No, this post-game recap will not attempt to make much sense of anything that happened tonight. It was an evening into the early morning affair in which human garbage specimen Delmon Young would emerge the hero from, thus none of this makes any logical sense anyway.

Game One was highlighted by a strong outing from Doug Fister, who started off the night in a highly un-Fister like manner by walking three batters in the first inning. Fister would regain his control, but only after taking a line drive off his right wrist in the bottom of the second. Things were going swell for the Tigers up until the point that Valverde surrendered a leadoff single to Russell Martin, followed by a two-run shot off the bat of Ichiro, then whiffs of Jeter and Robinson Cano. Papa Grande ultimately lost his job, unless Jim Leyland is crazy enough to let him pitch in a high leverage situation again (Ed. note: Leyland may be crazy enough to allow this), after walking Mark Teixeira and giving up another two-run shot to RAUL IBANEZ.

Young, who had earlier driven in a run on a single and put the Tigers up by three with a solo shot in the eighth, drove in Miguel Cabrera for the go ahead run in the 12th. Tigers take the ALCS opener by a final of 6-4.

The official word on Jeter is a fractured ankle and he will be out for the remainder of the playoffs. That’s devastating news for the Yankees, who will have to run with Jayson Nix (or Eduardo Nunez once he can be added to the roster) at short in his absence.

Young set a new Tigers postseason home run record. The previous statement is entirely true.

Win Expectancy Graph

Source: FanGraphs

The Most Important Play of the Game

It could have been Doug Fister getting Curtis Granderson and Martin on back-to-back swinging strikeouts with the bases loaded to end the fifth inning. It could have been Delmon Young lifting a ball over the wall to give the Tigers that third run that would have held off a late surge from Ichiro. It could have been Raul Ibanez brining the game to a 4-4 tie in the bottom of the ninth.

I suppose we’ll award the most important play of the game to Delmon Young for his 12th inning double that plated Cabrera. Delmon Young the hero. It hurts just typing that.

Chyron Fail of the night: TBS Drops a Willie Mayes

Screencap via @cjzero

The Shamsky Award

Named after Art Shamsky, who single handedly increased the Cincinnati Reds’ chances of winning by 150.3% in a losing effort during a game in 1966, The Shamsky Award is given to the player on the losing team who contributes the most to them winning.

By WPA, Raul Ibanez walks away with the Shamsky Award for Game One. 2-for-5, 1 HR, 1 BB, 2 RBI

Tweets of the Game

The Aggravating Thing The Manager Did

Where do we start? Oh yes, we start with Leyland leaving Jose Valverde out there with no semblance of his former self in sight. It’s really a wonder that the Tigers pulled off a win tonight while leaving their best reliever, Al Alburquerque sitting idle in the bullpen all night. Methinks we’ll get a look at Alburquerque in some high leverage situations moving forward. Then again, maybe we won’t.

Hat-tip to Joe Girardi here, too. Girardi taxed the shit out of his bullpen with Hiroki Kuroda set to go on short rest Sunday afternoon. We haven’t mentioned the removal of Alex Rodriguez from the game, which was completely ok, but man… what a tire fire.

The Three Stars

1. Delmon Young: Ugh.

2. Doug Fister: It’s remarkable that Fister, who was shaky to start the night, even came back out for the third inning after taking a come backer off of his throwing paw. Look at what he made Granderson look like later:

3. Raul Ibanez: Its now three home runs in the ninth inning or later for the 40-year old.

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  1. Jay Jaffes mustache is mesmerizing.

  2. I appreciate that Delmpn Young has chronically under achieved except for pehaps last post season. And that he was arrested under the influence of alchohol for alleged physical and verbal assault (I understand it may be pursued as a hate crime). However, given the low theeahhold for character that gate keepera of MLB currently employ is he really worrhy offhe monumental disdain you heap upon him. I am not defending him not acting as an apologist for his actions but “human garbage specimen”? Really? Did he do something to you, your family, or steal baby formula from a new born you knew whose parents couldn’t afford to buy more of? I mean alluding to his low character is one thing but “human garbage specimen”? I mean whats left for people like Dick Cheney?

    • Well said. Really well said.

      • Good point! But one mans war criminal is often another mans freedom fighter! While a human garbage specimen tends to have less… upside. I am not adverse to the use of the term but without more background it comes off as needless cruel and way over the top and unnecessarily takes away from the credibility of the author IMHO.

        • The overall tone of the post was rather caustic. I don’t really see what the big deal is about referring a man once suspended for umpire abuse and arrested for an alleged hate crime as “human garbage” in a joking manner. I mean, I referred to Jeter’s ankle injury as an assassination attempt.

          • First, your comment made me smile. It was funny considering jeter did it to himself. The improbability of someone seeking to assassinate themselves the root of the humour. I get that. I also get that Delmpn Young is not someone I would want teaching ethics classes to children. But human garbage connotes an irredeemable quality to Delmon. I mean Brett Lawrie was suspended for umpire abuse, almost umpire assault. Without seeking to minimize the alleged hate crime that Delmon is currently charged with, does that mean if Lawrie while drunk makes a racist comment while bumping into and knocking down the same person that he would be forever referred to as a human garbage specimen? I mean the hyperbole is over the top but not in the absurd way that your comment was Scott. Unless the author knows something more than we do about the true character of Delmon based actions he is privy to it just comes off as hate and makes me wonder what is really behind the obvious hate-on he has for a marginal player that like many mlb players has not lived up to his potential (no 1 pick), got suspended for umpire abuse (are Lawrie, Alomar, Babe Ruth human garbage?) and while drunk was charged with a hate crime he has yet to be convicted for. Seems excessive and seems to indicate a profound bias against the individual or a lack of judgement about using absurdity to both create laughter and reflection. Of course all that is IMHO!

  3. While fister was SOing e’rybody, the announcers were dumping on the Yankees hitters for “chasing balls out of the strikezone” and not being patient. Seriously.

    • those announcers, along with the crew who did the opening, O’s Yanks series, are fucking INSUFFERABLE!!!!

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