It’s not easy finding love in the big city at the best of times, but when you’ve gotten out in all but five of your twenty-five plate appearances this postseason, and your manager has pulled you from the game on multiple occasions for a pinch-hitter, it’s downright near impossible.

So, perhaps, we might find some forgiveness in our hearts for New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez taking a proactive approach to his love life on Saturday night when, after being replaced by Eric Chavez in the eighth inning of his team’s 6-4 loss to the Detroit Tigers, A-Rod was spotted attempting to procure the telephone numbers belonging to a pair of women sitting behind the Yankees dugout.

A witness, who spoke with the New York Post (who else?), explains:

I watched him flirt with two admittedly very cute young women nearby. Alex was holding a pen and wrote a note on a ball which was thrown at the women by a ball boy. The girls, who had already caught two balls, seemed bemused at first and tried to hand the ball to another fan, but other fans noticed the note on it and yelled at them to read it.

The note asked them to write their phone numbers on the ball and throw it back, One of the girls, with darker blond hair, wrote . . . on the ball and threw it back at A-Rod, who gave her a big smile. They exchanged a few glances after that.

The ol’ baseball-throwback-pickup. A classic. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to work as well for normal people as it does for baseball players.

Of course, the only problem with this is that if Rodriguez was genuinely concerned with busting his slump, he wouldn’t be focusing on “admittedly very cute” women. As we all know, in the misogynist world of baseball superstition, he should have been trying to find the least attractive woman in the stadium.

Typical A-Rod. Always thinking about himself first, and attractive ladies second.

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  1. Now that is a stud. Maybe scoring will be just what he needs to get his confidence back.

  2. No matter how much A-Rod sucks, he is making $25-$30 million a year and mo money is women’s #1 trait they want in a guy (even if he is an A-Hole)

    The sad truth is – I succeed 99.999% of the time at my job and I won’t make as much money in my lifetime as he will in a season he is deemed worthless.

    • “mo money is women’s #1 trait they want in a guy”

      Comments like this make me sad. Sorry your world sucks so much.

    • I’m sure it’s more than your paycheque that’s caused you so much loneliness and resentment.

  3. I’ll trade lives with him in a heartbeat and put up with the boos and being called a failure

  4. “Maybe scoring will be just what he needs to get his confidence back”. Ye cause I’m sure A-rod’s having trouble getting laid

  5. Maybe he thought it was his best chance of getting to third base.

  6. From the Post: “[Jeter] is dating model Hannah Davis, who was spotted in his family box Saturday.”

    As opposed to A-Rod, who was no doubt in the “Blonde Beauty’s” family box later that evening.


  7. Does A-Rod give better gift baskets?

  8. Given A-Hole’s postseason so far I’m guessing he ended up striking out. Looking, of course.

  9. Ricky should have been trying this during off days starting back in June. Might of got his control back and added some velocity to his high-hard one. Ever since he got dumped by Miss Universe things have gone awry.

  10. In my mind I read: …if Rodriguez was genuinely concerned with busting his slump, he wouldn’t be focusing on busting a nut…

  11. What you got against facial hair?

  12. Now we know Girardi’s binder is not full of women.

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