I’d like to promote a new rule for all of humanity to follow: Before offering an opinion on anything, take some time to consider the things that you’re assuming in arriving at your opinion, and then, when you state this opinion, preface it with a list of all those things so that those to whom you’re offering your opinion might understand the amount of authority you have in speaking to whatever issue is the topic of conversation.

If you find that your point would lack the brevity necessary to be effective because the accompaniment of assumptions is too long, perhaps consider that your opinion may not be worth stating at all.

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  1. isn’t your write up a contradiction of your criticism?

    i usually like reading your stuff, but this is rather pointless.

    • +1. This is one of your worst Parkes

      • I bet you if steve nash had said this about arod, that parkes wouldn’t have taken such issue with it

        • Who is Steve Nash? It wouldn’t matter if it was Madison Bumgarner, himself. No one knows anything about A-Rod’s supposed “mental problem.” Nor do they know what it would take to fix it.

          • Kobe is close to him, they’re friends. Kobe has talked at great length about the mental aspect of the game in recent years. The two must keep in touch, I’d imagine they confide in one another and know the other quite well. Kobe is asked a question about why he thinks A-Rod is struggling, he shares what his opinion is from knowing A-Rod personally and perhaps a track record of struggling sometimes with his confidence. I also would suggest Kobe knows him on a more personal level and would have more insight into this, then you would.

            I suggest you read the tweet again, Kobe was asked about A-rod’s mental problems, not what he thinks he needs to do to adjust his swing or start making more contact.

          • its a fucking innocent comment made by a fellow superstar

            its basically like a fucking hug

            get a grip.

            and steve nash is the pride of bc and one of the best canadian athletes of all time. seems a sports reporter should have general knowledge of sports.

            but you’re too busy making nothing tweets into massive stories in order to prove your (perceived) intellectual superiority.

          • I realize that two paragraphs might seem massive to someone who’s barely literate, but to most of us, it’s a brief comment highlighting a tweet.

            The irony of you getting upset over how much I’m supposedly getting upset over a mean-nothing tweet is entertaining though.

  2. New narrative: Arod goes clutch in game 4 and Kobe becomes his lucky charm.

  3. I don’t get it.

  4. I don’t understand what’s wrong with Kobe’s take. A-Rod IS one of the best ever to play.

    • How does Kobe know that he’s forgotten it? And why does he assume it’s a mental problem? He broke his hand earlier this season. It could very well be that his struggles are due to this. He doesn’t know.

      • Certainly could be physical. Still don’t see the problem; it’s just words of support for a friend

      • wait..

        by that logic. how do YOU KNOW that arod’s mental state isn’t broken, and that he has lost all confidence..

        you made a story about something that can’t be proven by not proving it.

  5. I support any post in which the author is requesting sports stars to STFU.

      • you made a friend you did it!!

        lol what a joke you are.

        I’m sticking to stoeten, atleast he talks about important things and is actually funny.

        hey I think pavel datsyuk just tweeted ‘go tigers’

        make a post about how he thinks he’s a professional motivator or something.


  6. +1 to Parkes, I agree completely. Kobe is in no position to make assumptions about A-Rod, especially considering Kobe hasn’t exactly performed like “one of the best ever” recently either.

  7. While this isn’t one of Parkes’ better pieces (the better pieces occurring more often than not), the hate he’s receiving is riiiiidiculous! Calm down, folks. Just take a minute to remember the Yanks are 1 game from elimination, smile, and move on with your day.

  8. I think the point here Drew and Dustin, is that you could have been spending your time more productively than in writing this piece.
    Like by looking at pictures of kitties on the internets!!!!! AWWWW Look’it ‘im!!!

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