Tim Lincecum is pitching. Nothing else matters.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. Surely, Adam Wainwright matters, and the 2-1 series lead that the St. Louis Cardinals hold over the San Francisco Giants is also probably important.

However, there’s something endearing about the progression of the Tim Lincecum story, from his unlikely domination to his sudden down-fall this summer to his quest for redemption this postseason, that seems to take precedence over any other factor in a game. He’s fun. He’s different. And he’s almost impossible to root against. Unless, of course, you’re rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals tonight. In which case, Adam Wainwright! Whoo! No, it’s not the same.

After making three appearances out of the bullpen this postseason, Lincecum will be making his first start tonight at Busch Stadium. A Cardinals lineup that saw his change up heavy repertoire in Game One, will be prepared to take him on, even though it’s without the injured Carlos Beltran.

The first pitch of the game is schedule for 8:07 PM ET.

Here are the starting lineups:

San Francisco Giants
1. Angel Pagan (S) CF
2. Marco Scutaro (R) 2B
3. Buster Posey (R) 1B
4. Pablo Sandoval (S) 3B
5. Hector Sanchez (S) C
6. Hunter Pence (R) RF
7. Gregor Blanco (L) LF
8. Brandon Crawford (L) SS
9. Matt Cain (R) P

St. Louis Cardinals
1. Jon Jay (L) CF
2. Matt Carpenter (L) 1B
3. Matt Holliday (R) LF
4. Allen Craig (R) RF
5. Yadier Molina (R) C
6. David Freese (R) 3B
7. Daniel Descalso (L) 2B
8. Pete Kozma (R) SS
9. Kyle Lohse (R) P

Here are the starting pitcher repertoires for the 2012 season:

RHP Adam Wainwright (via Brooks Baseball):

RHP Tim Lincecum (via Brooks Baseball):

Watch for a whole lot more change ups from Lincecum, and look out for more curve balls from Wainwright, especially over the first three innings, as they look to establish themselves against the respective lineups. While the new and improved Timmeh has worked at least one time through the order, it remains to be seen if a steady diet of change ups, which was just about the only pitch he could locate this season, will be effective the second, third, or god forbid, fourth time through the order.