This is not a space for in-depth analysis. There are no secrets in Jason Motte’s game, no wrinkles and very little deception. Jason Motte has a pretty simple game plan: blow you away. He might alternate between a beastly two-seam fastball and a patently unfair cutter to do so but, let’s be real: with Motte on the hill, you’re getting the heat.

Jason Motte is a fine relief pitcher. He throws very, very hard, making him very, very difficult to hit. That’s about it. He is command is good enough and his pitches — all three fastballs — move enough to keep hitters off-balance.

From ESPN Stats & Info, behold a heat map of Jason Motte’s release velocity.

Jason Motte isn’t striking batters out at his regular season rate and he’s kind of pitching all the time but who cares? Relief pitchers in the playoffs are the ultimate canon fodder for the “Flags Fly Forever” ethos.

Without the overpowering velocity, Motte’s just a guy throwing fastballs. Incredible, diving, unhittable fastballs. Get in while the getting is good. This ride won’t last forever.

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  1. Awesome graphic. It is sad that these guys are viewed as cannon fodder as they destroy their arms while not getting paid very much (when they are young) By the time they reach free agency there velocity is already declining and do not get paid much then either.

    I know it is the nature of the business but I think a lot of people (Drew you actually pointed it out) forget about the health effects throwing or hitting a baseball has on the human body and only think of it in terms of how it hurts the team. These players destroy there body for life and then are quickly shoved out the door when they cannot perform anymore. Do not know why I am ranting about this but the cannon fodder made me think.

  2. That is the best heat map ever

    • +1.

      The only way it could have been better is if Drew used the mushroom cloud from the Simpsons when Homer opener up that Duff beer that Bart put in the paint shaker.

      “We need pretzels, I repeat, we need pretzels”.

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