In case you hadn’t heard, the Detroit Tigers swept the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series, and it’s entirely Alex Rodriguez’s fault because he tried to pick up a girl with a signed baseball after being taken out of Game One.

And they say subtlety is a lost art. Whatever.

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  1. I know you love to be contrarian and I know things like focus and preparation can’t be quantified, but your snark and condescension suggest you believe that having players flirting or drinking during a game has no impact on the overall focus and success of the team.

    • You are correct.

      • I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Anyone else care to weigh in?

        • Sure, it also seems to me that you may be taking crazy pills.

          • Haha. Is that based on the joke opportunity (you’re welcome) or agreement with Parkes?

          • pure opportunity.
            I think it’s crazy that the graphic artist put writing over the stiches but the bulge effect is subtle.
            also, it’s alot easier to throw someone under the bus and blame them for the team’s failings but looking at the batting stats it looks like most the team weren’t showing up to the park.
            Or, the advanced scouting and pitchers for the tigers really executed well.
            In either case, disciplinary (if it ws indeed disciplnary) actions shouldn’t be needed at this point in the season.

      • Remember that speech that Hunter Pence gave in the NLDS? You play for your teammates…when your teammates see you flirting or drinking and not paying attention to the game, they have just a little bit less to play for.

        It may sound silly, but imagine going to the gym with a personal trainer. You are for more likely to push yourself when you have that trainer yelling at you and congratulating you when you finish your workout than if that trainer is checking out the cute girls at the gym. As long as you have some respect for your trainer, you are going to want to try and impress them, or at least not let them down. As long as A-Rod is at all respected within the organization, the players will still want to play for him. If he isn’t…the Yankees have bigger problems.

        • arod isn’t thier trainer though. whereas a trainer is payed to motivate and direct the trainee the players are payed to play. If your using that analogy Girardi would fit in better as the trainer.

          • If that analogy isn’t perfect, how about this one: does it make it more difficult to do your job if the guy in the next cubicle is goofing off?

          • goofing off how? throwing a tantrum and knocking over his computer (gatorade cooler) or going to the coffee machine and chatting up the office temp?

    • ARod had already been removed from the game at the point that he started flirting with the girls, so whatever he did at that point couldn’t have impacted his performance…. and I seriously doubt that his teammates were so aghast at his flirtations that they just stopped producing…. so, yeah, I tend to agree with Parkes that it likely had no impact whatsoever.

      • Not a matter of being aghast, but the less focused the dugout is generally, the poorer the performance in my opinion.

        Perhaps it’s only a tiny % poorer, but aren’t we all interested in the extra 2% or 0.2%?

  2. Who’s up for a bucket of fried chicken & beer?

  3. Imagine how the Mets feel

  4. The cover is funny….but it is a disgrace people try to say that A-Roid flirting with some girls is why they lost.

    The bottom line is management didn’t spend their unlimited funds wisely combined with lousy chemistry in the locker room and a bunch of choke artists. This clearly isn’t the Yankees of the late 90′s / early 2000′s

  5. And he says he won’t leave New York no matter whether they like him or not……..WHAT A LOSER. Most people don!’t stay where they are NOT WANTED

  6. Or maybe it’s just a funny headline.

  7. Boom! Roasted!
    The New York Post is being given too much attention. Just let it die in peace.

  8. The only other news paper that would do something like this would be the Toronto Sun

  9. man, no free agent is going to want to go to a city that treats their team like THAT, amirite?

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