After weeks of speculation, the Miami Marlins have dismissed manager Ozzie Guillen. It was less than a year ago that Guillen signed a four-year contract worth $10 million to manage the Marlins, after the team had acquired him in exchange for compensation from the Chicago White Sox. Given their transactions over the last several months, you can call the Marlins front office many things, but laissez-faire is not one of the terms to be used.

Despite the speculation, the firing is somewhat surprising considering that that the team, just this past weekend, traded away Heath Bell, who had butted heads with the manager throughout the season. Their disagreements over Bell’s status on the team came to a head most infamously in a mid-September radio interview in which the reliever stated that it was “hard to respect” his team’s manager.

Guillen countered Bell’s comments by going on another radio program the next week, telling the hosts that he respected Bell as a player, but was unsure if that positive regard extended to him as a man. He also suggested that the reliever had thrown multiple people under the bus this season in an attempt to explain his own shortcomings.

It was later reported that the majority of the Marlins team was with Guillen in his assessment of Bell, who had become something of a pariah in the clubhouse at the end of the year. In fact, while Guillen was on the radio discussing the reliever’s comments, teammates embarrassed Bell by turning up the volume in the clubhouse and ensuring that he heard the interview.

Many pundits believed that Bell’s trade to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Yordi Cabrera was motivated out of both cutting payroll and showing support to Guillen. However, today’s news begs to differ. This might not sit well with a team already beleaguered by recent cuts to the team payroll. Assuming that Ricky Nolasco is not alone in his response, it appears that the former manager was well-liked by the team that he handled prior to today’s dismissal.

In addition to a disappointing win-loss record, Guillen’s tenure in Miami didn’t get off to the best of beginnings. The outlandish manager made the following off-hand remarks that didn’t sit well with the large Cuban community in Miami.

I love Fidel Castro. I respect Fidel Castro. You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Fidel Castro for the last 60 years, but that mother fucker is still here.

Statements like that, no matter how inoffensive the intent might have been, just don’t play out very well in a city where a large chunk of the population either defected from Castro’s Cuba or are a generation removed from family that escaped the Communist regime.  Guillen was suspended by the team for his remarks, but many in the community were calling for his dismissal back in April because of this.

While another team may be slow to take a chance on Ozzie Guillen considering his reputation for media shenanigans, I think there’s a ton of merit to this idea.

Bench coach Joey Cora was also fired by the Marlins, but third base coach Joey Espada and bullpen coach Reid Cornelius will keep their jobs for now.

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  1. Bahahaha.

    That is all.

  2. I was just saying to a colleague yesterday that I would love Ozzie in Toronto. Profanity, tirades, discipline… what could go wrong?

  3. “Hey Ben, uh you know, I really like Miami, with the weather and all….any chance we can work something out buddy…it is my dream y’know”

  4. rumours to Toronto in 3…2….

  5. and not one mention of Guillen’s homophobic comments!?

  6. Ozzie in Toronto would be hillllllarious. Please make it happen AA. What are the odds he at least gets an interview?

  7. how do you trade for a manager give him a 4 year deal then fire him after a season

    its so ridiculous

  8. I don’t know how, but I feel like this should end in Giancarlo Stanton becoming a Toronto Blue Jay

  9. isn’t ozzie the ‘obvious’ choice if he wants the job? and why wouldn’t he? large latino contingent on the team…lots for him to like. also: he’s already getting paid, so you basically get him for nothing.
    is he ‘the face of management in the clubhouse’? i dunno – but you can always fire him next year. right?

  10. If the Jays are serious about Sandy Alomar Jr, they’d best hurry as I can see him being at the top of the Marlins wishlist now that they’ve sacked Ozzie Guillen.

    Then again, maybe Alomar wouldn’t it be interested in the Marlins dog and pony show, as Felipe Alou is bound to have some cautionary words to his son about going to work for owner Jeffrey Loria.

    Two of those words are likely to be “hell no!”.

    • ahh felipe alou is not alomars dad bud

      • You say potato, I say potato. Alomar and Alou sound pretty similar, are you sure Felipe Alou isn’t Sandy Alomar Jr’s father? LFMAO, sorry, I’m racking that up to a massive brain fart.

        Interestingly, it looks like Felipe Alou and Sandy Alomar Sr played together with the Braves in 1964-66. So who knows, maybe Felipe Alou might still have some choice words for his old teammates’ son.

  11. No seriously, fuck the Marlins!!!

    AA should be calling them every freakin’ day just to see who is available.

  12. If there was a lack of disipline in the Jays clubhouse Ozzie would make sure we know the troublemakers and would handle them better tham Farrell

  13. I would like to see the Jays get him, he’d get Lawrie and Rasmus in shape.

  14. Drew Fairservice’s hatred of the Marlins is awesome. That rant the other day on the podcast should be immortalised in the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame by embedding it in foot high brass letters into the walls, or some such shit.

    Seriously. Fuck the Marlins. A statement to unify all provinces of this great nation.

  15. well Ozzie wouldnt put up with any BS,hes a recent World Series winner,he’s like the anti farrel,actually he’s the anti-manager but hes got balls thats what the blue jays need

  16. Horrible manager, acts like a little kid, but entertaining if you are not rooting for his team.

    He and TO can do a reality show together

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