Carlton Fisk is a famous former baseball player. 37 years and two days ago, he hit a very famous home run for the Boston Red Sox, forcing a Game Seven they would ultimately lose.

Last night he was arrested and charged with DUI in the middle of nowhere, Illinois after he was found in his vehicle…in a cornfield. He was asleep with an open bottle of vodka beside him, TMZ reports.

The picture is sort of funny but the story is very sad. Luckily nobody was harmed but this seems, to this board-qualified physician, like a man with an alcohol problem. Hopefully he can turn his life around/peferred banality of support or understanding of your choosing.

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  1. If you build it they will come (provided there is beer available)

  2. Well, that’s a headline.

  3. …been there…

  4. Carlton Flask he is better known by now lol

  5. I’m surprised he didn’t wave the car fair.

  6. Field of shame. I’m surprised this could happen to someone who played in the “epicenter” of baseball. Farrell’s next!

  7. I was 2 years old when he was the hero to all Bostonians my mum his number one fan. a no nonsense woman who had a great love of sports. she carried his baseball card in her wallet. this is very sad. I wish people were more compassionate. this man is ill and needs help. Good Luck Pudge from my deceased Mum , my decease Grampy, my brother Gelly and me. I hope you get the help you need. Don’t be embarrassed we all make mistakes most of us not in such a public forum. “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

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