We’re back with our browser bombing all-GIFs post here at Getting Blanked. Despite our GIF machine suffering a career ending video card injury, our will to create unique and entertaining photos that move on a constant loop lives on. Below are our best GIFs of the Wild Card, divisional series and championship series.

We lead things off with a beauty. Say what you will about decision making and body of work, but this GIF right here is all the evidence we require to declare Bruce Bochy the greatest manager in baseball.

MOAR postseason GIFs after the jump

THAT guy


No, he’s just like that all the time

Derek Jeter’s range

Buster Posey is not havin’ it

Doug Fister makes Curtis Granderson look silly

Bruce Bochy jogging? Bruce Bochy jogging

We can’t believe it either, Omar Infante

The New York Yankees postseason experience in a single GIF

Only Hunter Pence could hit a ball three times with one swing

GIF via SB Nation