Looks like a very productive day in Boston as, fresh on the heels of introducing their newly stolen minted field boss, the Boston Red Sox re-signed designated hitter and beloved franchise icon David Ortiz to a two-year deal, according to Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston.

Edes suggests that the multi-year deal is all but agreed, with the basic agreement in place but terms still being negotiated. The total value of the contract figures to be in the neighbourhood of $25 million, a number Ortiz’s camp desperately wants and the Red Sox hope to slide just under.

David Ortiz is still very good and, despite missing nearly half the 2012 season, represents one of the few legitimate designated hitters in baseball. American League designated hitters posted collective wOBAs of .333, .339, and .339 over the last three years. David Ortiz posted weighted on-base averages dwarfing those of the league at large, going .382, .407, and .425 in limited time in 2012.

David Ortiz has aged remarkably well, actually increasing his contact rates with age, cutting down on strikeouts and putting the ball in play against the aggressive defensive shifts he normally sees to great effect. Papi at 38 seems more palatable than other ageing players, and the Red Sox are smart to move quickly on locking up this integral member of their team early in the off-season.

Though many teams dreamt of solidify their DH situash by bringing the would-be free agent, the thought of Ortiz ever leaving Boston is hard to fathom. Big Papi is the longest tenured member of the Sox and, with a Presidential manager on board, is a decent middle of the order piece around which to rebuild a team with deep pockets and a resolve to remake their recently-tarnished image. I mean, it’s been almost six years since their last World Series appearance. The nerve of these bums!

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  1. Welp, there goes that idea.

  2. Balls. Balls I say. Balls.

  3. I’m sure deep down every Jays fan knew he wasn’t leaving Boston

  4. Im sure deep down that Ortiz is at least 38. That canyon can’t be too far off.

  5. Holy crap, he lost a lot of weight. He looks so damn good in that picture, at least relative to where he was at compared to a few years back… wow. Would’ve been too sick with him in the Jays lineup.

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