While ignorant radio hosts and newspaper types in Canada continue to flog the dead horse that is John Farrell defecting to the Boston Red Sox, we’re driving something else altogether into the ground. Yes, we’re running with another round of MLB hair swapping. Last week it was MLB postseason managers undergoing Photoshopped hair transplants, so it seems fitting that we give this meme some World Series flavour in advance of Game One.

Our methodology this time around is pretty simple: position by position hair swapping (with a couple of caveats). For comedic purposes, Delmon Young was paired up with Hunter Pence. In a couple of instances where photos of players not wearing caps were scarce, or a straight salad exchange didn’t play very well, we went in a different direction. Hopefully the results are to your satisfaction. Hair we go…

Alex Avila vs. Buster Posey

Prince Fielder vs. Brandon Belt

Omar Infante vs. Marco Scutaro (feat. Timmy’s Hair and Cap)

Miguel Cabrera vs. Pablo Sandoval

Jhonny Peralta vs. Brandon Crawford

Andy Dirks vs. Gregor Blanco (Brian Wilson Beard Remix)

Austin Jackson vs. Angel Pagan (aka Angel Eyes feat. Max Scherzer’s Peepers)

Delmon Young vs. Hunter Pence