Editorial Note: The latest information graphic from the talented Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball is the definitive explanation of Alex Rodriguez’s career to date. After a poor playoff performance, I think we’d all do well to appreciate what a fantastic player he’s been throughout his career, even if that declining slugging percentage in recent years might be a bit concerning [D.P.].

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  1. Wow, Craig Robinson never ceases to impress me. His stuff is so original. Awesome.

  2. Very well done.

  3. Excellent. One of the best so far. I remember only two years ago when it seemed all but certain A-Rod would surpass Bonds.

  4. I wonder if A-rod were to become a full time DH he’ll be a lot more productive offensively? Maybe like an Ortiz/Thome type? Though they’ll need that spot more as a community resting spot…

  5. Great job Craig

  6. Bonds hit almost 320 HR after age 35. Holy crap, was he on something???

  7. Interesting to return here on this particular week.

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