Getting Blanked is a baseball blog that generally features posts about baseball. We post animated GIFs when we’re especially starved for attention and/or pageviews. Our weekly “best of” GIFs post always include one exception that has nothing at all to do with the beautiful game of baseball.

Here are the best exceptions that we’ve posted during the 2012 seasons. You’re welcome, the few of you who will actually enjoy this.

Conan The Librarian

Face Melt of the Year

Face Punch of the Year

Spittin’ Blood

Garbage Day


Mud Kill of the Year

Revenge of the Ninja

Throwing Bombs of the Year

Go On, Try Kicking YOURSELF in the Head Twice

Certain Rotator Cuff Surgery


Hunter Pence

Comments (7)

  1. Fuck yeah….plus some other characters

  2. The last two really pull it all together nicely, I`d say.

  3. No afro-man with markers? My day ‘s ruined.

  4. It’s nice to know that the best exceptions of the year revolve around violence. It’s a nice parallel (parallax?) to masculinities and sport.

  5. where’s the one where the angry looking meathead puts his fist through the twerp’s face from?

  6. I’m going to have nightmares about the look on Conan’s face as he splits that ventriloquist dummy.

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