Hey there, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on their 2012 World Series win. So, what are we supposed to do now with no baseball? Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training sometime in early February, thus begins the longing period or what I like to refer as 100 days of saditude. We’ll be compiling some collections of the best MLB footage we managed to bootleg for our own financial gain to help you through the offseason.

I’ll be poring over thousands of animated GIFs all week in the name of pageviews. The first entry in our year-end series celebrates some of the best throws from the outfield of 2012. Some throws led to outs, others did not. Some throws missed the mark altogether, but must be included for your viewing pleasure. Josh Reddick leads off this instalment with a frozen rope from early April.

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The kid can throw, the catcher cannot catch

Rick Ankiel throws a strike from center field

The kid can throw redux: safe at home

Choo put a little too much on this one

Show me dat swagger sleeve

Josh Reddick strikes again

Anthony Gose will have you know he can throw a ball

For all the LOLZ

Comments (10)

  1. Holy moly Rick Ankiel.

  2. Love Choo, love Beltran. Nice ones, Lewis.

  3. No Moises Sierra?

  4. Ankiel finally hit the strike zone.

    That would have been funnier five or so years ago…

  5. Becket being thrown out is The Dodgers’ 2012 season in GIF form. Just the best.

  6. Love it how Beckett doesn’t even try to speed up once he sees the outfielder is throwing to first.

  7. Seems like Beckett actually slows down the closer he gets.

  8. As a tribute to hoses, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOn10YrTV7U

    Jose Guillen everybody, absolute fucking hose!

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