With the corpse of the 2012 baseball season still warm, the stand-up individuals at Bodog realize it is time to focus on the future. Why delay publishing the odds for the 2013 World Series? Heaven forbid a few scant moments in time go by without the ability to throw one’s hard earned wages at a total and complete shot-in-the-dark guess before a single off-season transaction even takes place.

Looking to capitalize on the eager scorn of jilted Tigers fans, the tall foreheads at BoDog install your Detroit Tigers as the early favorite to capture the 2013 crown, paying out at 6/1. The expected return of Victor Martinez is enough to assure the odds-makers that maybe next year will be the season defense truly counts for nothing. The defending champs go out at 10/1, showing not everyone is a bandwagon fan of the Giants.

Full odds below the jump.

Odds to win the 2013 World Series

Detroit Tigers - 6/1

New York Yankees - 7/1

San Francisco Giants - 10/1

Texas Rangers – 12/1

Washington Nationals – 12/1

Los Angeles Angels - 12/1

Philadelphia Phillies – 14/1

St. Louis Cardinals – 14/1

Cincinnati Reds - 14/1

Atlanta Braves - 14/1

Los Angeles Dodgers - 18/1

Tampa Bay Rays - 20/1

Boston Red Sox - 22/1

Arizona Diamondbacks - 25/1

Baltimore Orioles – 25/1

Milwaukee Brewers - 25/1

Oakland Athletics - 25/1

Chicago White Sox - 28/1

Pittsburgh Pirates – 30/1

Toronto Blue Jays - 35/1

Seattle Mariners - 40/1

Miami Marlins - 40/1

New York Mets - 40/1

San Diego Padres – 60/1

Minnesota Twins - 66/1

Chicago Cubs - 75/1

Cleveland Indians - 75/1

Colorado Rockies - 75/1

Kansas City Royals - 75/1

Houston Astros - 150/1

Thoughts? I don’t know from these things but the Angels at 12/1 and the Cardinals at 14/1 seems like good enough spots to burn your money as any. Again: do not bet on baseball.

Comments (8)

  1. Jays behind Pittsburgh? Ouch.

  2. Like the Reds at 14-1

  3. I’m going to bet one dollar on the Astros, cause is for some damn Baltimore curse happens to them and they win they I get $175 and if they lose well meh..

  4. I think I would pick the Rangers, Angels, Nats, Cards, Reds, and Braves over the top 3 teams

  5. Maybe I find a job in the MLB and lead a longshot team to glory?

  6. Haha I love it. “Again, do not bet on baseball”

  7. Astros at 150/1. Where do I invest?

  8. I wonder what the odds were Baltimore would be in the playoffs this year?

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