As the dying medium with which news is delivered continues its decline into irrelevance, the last part of a newspaper to go gently into the good night will be the iconic status which we give to a front page after something on a large stage occurs.

Here are the front pages from newspapers across California.

The San Francisco Examiner, published in San Francisco, California USA:

The Santa Cruz Sentinel, published in Santa Cruz, California USA:

The Press Democrat, published in Santa Rosa, California USA:

The San Jose Mercury News, published in San Jose, California USA:

The Record, published in Stockton, California USA:

The Modesto Bee, published in Modesto, California USA:

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  1. Thanks for these Parkes. Despite their increasing irrelevance, there’s nothing quite like the front page.

    Also how did the hospital go?

    • Not bad. I got some pain killers. I might have a knee sprain, but nothing too serious. Really, really stiff though, and getting around takes forever.

      • You’re lucky. I got hit by a car a week ago. 4 broken ribs and a broken shoulder blade. I also have some paint killers and it takes me forever to get around. and put on a shirt.

  2. Fuck the giants…

  3. Sandoval looks hilarious in the first page (SF Chronicle). Skipping with excitement.

  4. Nothing from Michigan?

  5. Did you see the guy during the bottom of the 10th with the John 3 16 sign? I was just soo confused that a tigers fan was waving that sign around when they swept in a very noncompetitive series . But he did turn me into a Giants fan just in time to watch them win the world series.

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