Should of been Trout

In what was easily one of the most convoluted and least organized awards presentations I’ve ever had the pleasure of following, the MLB announced the recipients for the 2012 Gold Glove Awards on ESPN2 and (for those without access to ‘the deuce’) a live twitter feed that included any and all mentions of the words ‘Gold Glove’.

Here is your list of winners, and because I had to sift through the dreck of a live twitter feed to find any useful information, I have provided an in-depth look at the biggest snubs and insight about who ‘should of’ won.

American League

C- Matt Wieters, BAL (2nd GG)
1B- Mark Teixeira, NYY (5)
2B- Robinson Cano, NYY (2)

3B- Adrian Beltre, TEX (4)
SS- J.J. Hardy, BAL (1)

LF- Alex Gordon, KC (2)
CF- Adam Jones, BAL (2)

RF- Josh Reddick, OAK (1)
P- Tie: Jeremy Hellickson, TB (1) / Jake Peavy, CWS (1)

National League

C- Yadier Molina, STL (5)
1B- Adam LaRoche, WAS (1)
2B- Darwin Barney, CHC (1)

3B- Chase Headley, SD (1)
SS- Jimmy Rollins, PHI (4)

LF- Carlos Gonzalez, COL (2)

CF- Andrew McCutchen, PIT (1)

RF- Jason Heyward, ATL (1)
P- Mark Buehrle, MIA (4)

There you have it. The YOLOrioles managed to take home 3 Gold Gloves in 2012, which ties a nice bow on a season where every single thing went their way all year long. Good for them, I guess. If you’re an American reader and you’re not sure what I’m complaining about with not having access to ESPN2, this hashtag says more than I ever could.

Feel free to comment and complain about the selections or just write “It’s supposed to be ‘should HAVE’, idiot.”

Comments (23)

  1. It’s supposed to be ‘should HAVE’, idiot.

  2. Have to agree that Phillips should have won for 2B in the NL, and my personal bias tells me that Trout deserved it, but AJ is a solid choice. Other than that though, they are fair I think.

  3. Orioles fan calling bullshit on Trout not winning. Adam Jones has good range and a gun of an arm, but not close to Trout’s amazing season.

  4. So, even though Trout supposedly had the greatest defensive season by an OF in decades which supposedly is why he should beat out a triple crown winner for MVP – Trout doesn’t even get a gold glove which means people feel he not only didn’t have the best defensive season in decades, but not even best at his position in his league?

    So, are gold glove voters blind (or stupid)? Or are the sabremetric guys morons?

  5. Jeter should have won ALL the gold gloves. Travesty!!

  6. But I thought Lawrie had THE BEST RANGE OF ALL TIME EVER!!!! Should of won a gold glove

  7. The managers and coaches pick the winners, and somehow, I think they have more insight to what goes on on the field.

  8. Seems like they should use a statistic to award Gold Gloves. I always hear commentators say how many a guy has “won”…like its actually based on anything tangible. Jesus…at least use the shitty Fielding pct stat or something….anything is better at this point.

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