Here we go with round three of our year-end GIF recap. Today’s loose theme is the best of the worst. We have bad throws, bad slides, bad calls and bad swings. In a weird way, though, they’re really some of the best plays of the season.

We lead off with Miguel Cabrera bringing the most pathetic cup of water to walkoff celebration that we ever did see.

More worst stuff after the jump

The worst case of the yips

The worst slide for safe call

The worst glove toss to first

The worst swing (non Mark Reynolds division)

The worst cut-off job

The worst save celebration

The worst time to act like a kitty

The worst warm up routine

The worst pitch

The worst swing

The worst diving catch attempt

The worst #umpshow

The worst call

Comments (24)

  1. You guys know that the single cup of water thing was a league wide trend right? These titles are just jokes right.

  2. Worst. Call. Ever. Was it reversed?

  3. These awesome GIF’s were the hi-light of my Friday work days. Hopefully they continue this next year. Thanks for the laughs.

  4. Glad to finally have a computer that will play this shit.
    I think you mentioned it before but finding a way to only load them when we click on each one would be awesome.
    Especially for phones.

  5. Hahahahahahah, that Mark Reynolds swing kills me.

  6. When the ump tosses Mattingly, is his first word “Boom!”?

  7. I’d call that first swing pretty…Week…

  8. I never noticed that last bit of puke from Chris Perez in the last second of the gif. Makes it better and more disgusting at the same time.

    • Think it is his mouthguard? Either way, ick.

      • haha I actually ended up watching the Chris Perez puke GIF the most trying to figure what that last chunk was haha let’s go with mouthguard and leave it at that!

  9. I think it’s more funny in “the worst pitch” that Valdespin actually has to try hard to hold up from swinging.

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