For the last eleven years, Brian Butterfield has been a member of  the Toronto Blue Jays organization. Earlier this week it was announced that the third base coach and highly-praised infield instructor would be leaving his long-time post in Toronto to coach the Boston Red Sox under former Blue Jays manager John Farrell.

Cue: Infinite sadness, without the melancholy, among Toronto Blue Jays supporters.

Butterfield became a fan favorite in the city, largely because he’s a nice guy who is articulate enough to interact with the local media. He’s well-liked. In addition, he’s had some success working with defensively gifted players like Orlando Hudson and John McDonald. However, these players are almost always cited ahead of Russ Adams or Frank Menechino when discussing Butterfield’s defensive coaching acumen.

Nonetheless, his move to Boston was greeted with disappointment by the Blue Jays faithful.

However, they’d be well-served to hold on to those tears. According to Rob Bradford of, it’s possible that Butterfield could end up back in Toronto as the team’s manager because the beloved coach remains a candidate for the position despite taking a new job with the Boston Red Sox.

Newly minted Red Sox manager John Farrell confirmed the possibility.

Yes, it’s a rare opportunity, and we would certainly not block that. But at the same time we’re extremely excited about Brian joining us. With Butter, we have an outstanding baseball man from a baseball family, his dad being a longtime developer, person and coach. Brian is a guy who has a high level of energy, a passion for the game. In the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to work with him day in and day out. He’s a very good third base coach with very good decision-making ability.

So, we’re presented with the possibility that Butterfield could go from Toronto’s third base coach to Boston’s third base coach to Toronto’s manager all within a matter of weeks. Of course, this all puts Butterfield on schedule to become the manager of the Boston Red Sox in 2015.


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  1. Excellent Smashing Pumpkins reference.

  2. I was expecting “bullet with butterfield wings” somewhere later in this article. Subtlety!

  3. Did Farrell just describe Butterfield’s dad as a “long-time person”?

  4. maybe a low cost PR play for the Jays – steal a guy from Boston as revenge for them stealing a guy from us

  5. Butterfield seems like a nice guy, but his views on baseball seem old school

    I want a more proactive ‘modern’ manager. more in the mold of Maddon as opposed to Leyland

    Either that or trade Arencibia to Tampa for Maddon… never mind they probably wouldn’t even do that

    • Old school? Really? You know he’s the one they’re giving credit for promoting the extreme defensive shifts this past season that mostly worked to the Jays’ advantage, right?

      Maybe I’m wrong, but it seemed fairly intelligent to me.

  6. sounds like butters has told AA to shi*t or get off the pot. I don’t blame him – I wouldn’t want to be the teams second choice 3 times either.

  7. Im tired of this just get on with it!

  8. Is this the same with Torey Lovullo?

  9. What’s the importance, if any, of having a manager in place before free agency begins? They discussed on the morning show today and on McCown last night, and I think there’s a good point in there that a potential free agent may feel more comfortable signing here if they at least know who the manager will be. If AA can get someone in place this week, it’ll be good, as he can then focus all of his attention on the free agent and trade markets. Thoughts?

  10. Butterfield kind of looks like Mac from Mac and Me.

  11. I have to poop .

  12. Couldn’t we have held out and got another sub .300 OBP guy from the Red Sox for Butterfield?

  13. Does Lind have any roots in the Boston area? Maybe it’s his dream job to play there?

  14. With all these appointments, the main point to remember is that right now, the Blue Jays employ no coaches, as coaches are only signed for one year. So Butterfield is not ‘leaving’ the Jays, as the Jays had made no commitment to employ him in 2013. Likewise, coming back as manager is a promotion, so no conflict with Red Sox. Same with Alomar.

    People are viewing coaches from sports perspective, when it should be viewed from employment perspective.

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