Part IV in our series of the best GIFs of 2012 has arrived. Like Part IVs from the Rocky and Friday the 13th series before it, our tribute to baseball audiences will be the one best remembered among fans. Myself, I’m more of a Clubber Lang enthusiast than a Drago guy. Whatever, just watch the GIFs.

The nut-shot GIF pictured above elicited more debate in the comment section this past season than it was worth. After multiple viewings and through studying the footage frame-by-frame, I can conclude with confidence that the ball’s path [intended] went bicep-nuts-face. End of debate.

More fan GIFs after the jump

The time of their lives


SNL skit or sad Yankees fans?

Thunder Dan Majerle owns

A simple belt could have prevented this

The heavy winds of San Francisco

One man’s effort to reinforce Yankee fan steretypes

This guy is the best guy

Get him a uniform

Human garbage

Leave ‘em hanging

Comments (13)

  1. my life goal is to deliver this article to the subject of each gif

  2. #RallyHorse is an inspiration to us all.

  3. I agree with Drew, #RallyHorse brings out the best in everybody. And as a Drago guy, I’m very happy all these gifs are awesome.

  4. It’s amazing how Yankee fans can get so excited about a 310 foot can of corn in any real ballpark.

  5. Anyone have that Yankees fan in the red jacket weeping and pleading during Game 3 (or 4?) of the CS?

  6. San Fran dude has bigger boobs than his wife, human garbage guy should have given the ball to the young girl. Did you see her face at the end?

  7. Rally-Horse– I knew a girl who could do that….

  8. Dudes! Where’s the beer thrown on Miller gif? A season ending must!

  9. Nice spray on tan Thunder Dan!

  10. How can one NOT hate that Human Garbage guy?

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