Hiring Ozzie Guillen away from the Chicago White Sox was a quintessential “Miami” move but it was antithetical to the entire ethos of the Florida Marlins. A move/rebrand to the Miami Marlins did not make the team over in its city’s image – they’re still just the shitty old Marlins.

The Marlins – who do everything on the cheap, who splash cash on a closer only to ship him out after it turns out he was as bad a pitcher as nearly everyone suspected – operate under a unique business plan. The Marlins are all about churn, not star power. Their free agent signing are more of the Mark Buehrle ilk: functional pieces slotted between their plethora of cheap, controllable talent and The One Really Good Guy They Lock Up Long Term.

When it comes to managers, a guy like former catcher Mike Redmond is more their speed. Which is why their hired him to replace their lunatic of choice, according to Jon Heyman of Boras Inc.

Redmond spent the bulk of his career in the Marlins organization, winning a World Series with the club in 2003 – thanks in no small part to his two total post-season plate appearances.

As a field boss, Redmond has little big league experience but was ascending the Blue Jays minor league managerial ladder quickly, posting a nice season with a very talented low-A club — leading the Lansing Lugnuts to the Midwest League final — then following many of the same players to high-A in the Florida State League, where the Dunedin Blue Jays took the North Division crown.

Redmond is considered a very nice “get” for the Marlins as his work in the Jays system was well regarded throughout the industry. Redmond inherits a Marlins club with Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Reyes and 23 other guys who aren’t those two. Watching Stanton hit every day is reason enough to take any job, hopefully Redmond recognizes Big Mike a hitter who should probably get more plate appearances than Carlos freaking Lee – a mistake his predecessor made repeatedly.

The downside of this job? I hear his bosses are real dicks. But there are only 30 of these jobs in the world, turning one down because of a despot isn’t a great career move.