The San Francisco Giants hosted their World Series victory parade yesterday and it went pretty much as anyone would expect. The parade — staged on Halloween in San Francisco — featured all the requisite weirdness, from the Beach Blanket Babylon hat lady to Tony Bennett getting photobombed by a zany reliever wearing a t-shirt of mild political protest to the mayor of SF sporting an orange nehru jacket because why not?

Grant from SB Nation attended, submitting this breathless/claustrophobic recap which sums the event up nicely. All you really need to see is the above chill dude soaking up the scene for the second time in three years. Seems like a pretty good time to me.

Orange mayor (Wackiness level - 2)

Famous Crooner/Sneaky Reliever (Wackiness level - 7)

Hat Lady (Wackiness level - 8)

Defiant Reliever (wackiness level - 5)

Local character meets Halloween Celebrant (wackiness level - all)