Alright, this is it. The final GIF post until baseball starts up again in 2013, unless my boss tells me my job’s on the line and I better start producing some pageviews. Today’s loose theme is the best the rest that made me laugh this season. If you can laugh at a couple of these then I think we’ll get along just fine.

There’s only one animated image worthy of leading off this final instalment. If we were voting on such things, the GIF of Mark Reynolds leaving Buck Showalter hanging would be my pick for the best of the year.

Here’s a few links to the rest of our year-end best of series: Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV. Of course, you can always follow the ‘Riffin’ and GIFfin‘ category tag at the top to the entire archive.

More GIFs

Beleaguered Brian Wilson

Show your salad

How every substitution call should be made

Yu Darvish getting nasty

A leg kick because why not?

Eric Young’s Scooby-Doo run-run

Phanatic hotdoggin’ it

Just Curtis Granderson eating a Freezee

Eric Chavez hits Cody Eppley with a throw, feels instant guilt

Samardzjia is too much man

Rod Barajas reminds us that “he’s a f**king catchers, that’s what they do”

Bruce Bochy is the greatest