Another year of baseball has come to an end. It is sad. But with victory and defeat comes quotes. Have at!

This week we have the Giants winning the World Series, the Tigers losing the World Series, and Scott Boras being…helpful? That can’t be right.

People ask you, `What’s your style?’ I learned a lot from all of my managers … There are so many guys I learned different things from. I sat and listened and watched and learned.

So, the Marlins hired Mike Redmond to replace Ozzie, huh? I would literally pay $1000 for Redmond to surprise everybody and make some pro-Castro comments come April. That would be the actual best. Oh, the narrative! Please make this happen, baseball Gods. It would totally make up for the 2012 Blue Jays which I can only assume was a test of some kind. Did I prove my love to you, oh vengeful Lords?

I’m not surprised because (agent) Scott Boras told me he was confident he could get him 15 times four (years), $60 million. If that’s the case, it would be a good deal for Soriano. I hope that’s what’s real in the marketplace.

The Yankees lose Rafael Soriano because Scott Boras told him he could get more money as Randy Levine wishes him well. Something bad happened to the Yankees because of Scott Boras. Something I like happened because of Scott Boras. Scott Boras used his powers for good instead of the usual evil. This is confusing. I don’t know how I feel about this. I need to re-evaluate so many things.

The World Series has been a top-10 prime-time hit for over 40 years and even with a four-game sweep this series was no exception. This World Series gave us exactly what we expected: a top-10 show among all viewers and a top five show among hard-to-reach younger men. It’s important for us to remain focused on the Series relative to today’s competitive environment rather than bygone years.

Ah, spin, you are lovely. Yes, the World Series averaged record low ratings this year but leave it to someone from Fox to spin that into good news. Somehow, I’m going to find a way to blame this all on the AL Central.

That’s what it makes so much special, the way we did it. We’re always against the wall and my team, it just came through first series, second series and now we sweep the Tigers.

Aw, Marco Scutaro thinks a team he joined in July is his team. That’s adorable. But, in all seriousness, congrats to the Giants. Commence the World Series quotes!

Obviously, there was no doubt about it. It was freaky. I would have never guessed we would have swept the Yankees and I would have never guessed the Giants would have swept us.

I think I enjoy surprised Jim Leyland. Mostly because he served as another reminder that the Yankees lost. Hah, totally didn’t let it go. God, I’m sad.

What were we supposed to do, lose three?

I kind of really love Prince Fielder squashing the whole “the layoff hurt the Tigers” thing. I’ve always thought that the layoff as a reason for losing is kind of stupid. If professional baseball players can’t get it together for the World Series after not playing for a few days, they’re probably not very good professional baseball players (jury’s still out on the Tigers). I like this quote a lot. Still a fan of Prince, despite the loss. Next year, buddy.

You remember this feeling all winter, and it makes you want to come back and try this again. I’ve lost twice, and it doesn’t get easier. It gets harder. I don’t want to do this a third time.

Oh, no. We’ve pissed off Justin Verlander.  This can only end in 13 no-hitters being thrown next year. Please don’t let him face the Jays too many times next year. That will not go well for anyone involved. Well, except the Tigers and Verlander. And Tigers fans. Okay, it won’t go well for me and, really, what else matters? Probably a lot. Hey, where’d that bourbon go?

The MVP – Most Valuable Panda – sat in the interview room and smiled.

I know this isn’t a quote but…I just…most valuable panda? Come on, that’s amazing. Thanks, baseball. I love you. Hey, guys, only 109 days until pitchers and catchers report. Just saying.