It was just two short weeks ago that, based on a report from ESPN Boston’s Gordon Edes, a David Ortiz contract extension seemed as good as done. Only the terms remained undecided as both parties clearly wanted to ink a two-year deal.

Then, it seemed, talks broke down. Reports of Ortiz opting to test the market trickled out when it look like the Red Sox and Ortiz were not nearly so close to a deal. The Rangers seems a logical fit and, viola, out come the reports of serious interest via good old Ken Rosenrosen.

But who are we kidding – David Ortiz isn’t going anywhere.

Update: Not going anywhere because he just signed a two-year, $26 million dollar deal to stay in Boston. Just as we all suspected!

While Texas’ interest is very real and Ortiz makes all too much sense for the Rangers, it says here nothing has changed and Ortiz will again suit up for the Boston Red Sox this coming spring. While it seems believable that the Rangers expression of interest might motivate the Red Sox, is anyone naive enough to think the Red Sox don’t a sense of Ortiz’s value on the open market?

With the exclusive negotiating window closing, and the spectre of a “qualifying offer” hanging over his head, Ortiz only has so much in the way of leverage. The Rangers reported interest indicates they are scared off by the potential loss of a draft pick but, realistically, are they going to pay much more than the Red Sox who need not give up a pick?

For Texas, David Ortiz is the kind of addition that means very little in a “dollar per WAR” sense. Slotting Ortiz into their DH spot represents a massive upgrade over their existing designated hitter/overpaid mascot in addition to the marginal value of his wins to a team trying, in no uncertain terms, to win the World Series. Perhaps the Rangers are indeed more willing to overpay based on their needs, ballpark, and situation?

The Red Sox are equally likely to match dollar-for-dollar with the Rangers considering the never ending series of PRs hits delivered to Yawkey Way of late. Ortiz has value to the Red Sox above and beyond his value on the field – though his value as an elite designated hitter must not be understated.

Basically, David Ortiz is sitting pretty. Two motivated parties vying for his services. Might one team go a little crazy and throw down an extra year? For a 37-year old player, that is incredibly valuable. For anyone, really. That said: I still think two years with the Red Sox is the most likely deal, still very close to the previously discussed dollar amounts. Apologies for this great waste of your valuable time.