As your television has no doubt instructed you, today is the day all American creatures great and small head to the polls to (re)elect their president. It is a messy, inefficient process which does little more than squander time and funds better spent elsewhere. At least they have the good sense to do so on a scale the biggest “big government” advocates could not even dream.

Democracy reared its ugly head last night in glorious Secaucus, New Jersey, when the Major League Players Trust awarded their Players Choice Awards. While the end result might be significant dollars going to charity and a victory for the Greater Good, the awards provide a glimpse of the disappointment sure to greet a significant number of Americans when the polls close today. (Because happiness eludes us forever and bitterness feels so good.)

The photo you see above is Mike Trout and his mom, the Den Mother of Want, crowded around his outstanding rookie in the American League award. Trout won the AL rookie while the Player of the Year and Outstanding Player in the American League went to Miguel Cabrera, whose ability to compile stats ensuring significant arbitration rewards really resonated with his peers league-wide. (Plus he was very good.)

The full list of winners is sure to reflect the BBWAA award selections which roll-out next week on their state of the art website. Here is the rundown:

  • Player of the Year: Miguel Cabrera, Tigers
  • Marvin Miller Man of the Year: Chipper Jones, Braves
  • Outstanding Player, AL: Miguel Cabrera, Tigers
  • Outstanding Player, NL: Andrew McCutchen, Pirates
  • Outstanding Pitcher, AL: David Price, Rays
  • Outstanding Pitcher, NL: R.A. Dickey, Mets
  • Outstanding Rookie, AL: Mike Trout, Angels
  • Outstanding Rookie, NL: Todd Frazier, Reds
  • Comeback Player, AL: Adam Dunn, White Sox
  • Comeback Player, NL: Buster Posey, Giants

To the suprise of none, the players voted “Not Bryce Harper” for NL Rookie of the Year. Meanwhile, the win for David Price represents a massive upset for those who might be desperate enough to handicap such matters.

The real winners are the collective charities of each player’s choice, which receive $20 000 per award, with Chipper Jones’ Marvin Miller Man of the Year netting his charity $50K. Good work by the MLBPA and their trust for doing it right.

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