As if it wasn’t all but certain that Josh Hamilton would be sporting a new uniform next season, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reports that the Texas Rangers will not offer the free agent outfielder a deal that exceeds three years. Citing an unnamed “high-ranking team official”, Nightengale alludes to a Rangers future that does not include Hamilton in the picture.

With Hamilton set to reject the Rangers’ $13.3 million qualifying offer, and the club’s purported “we’d love to have you back but not at your requested term” impending offer, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the 2010 American League MVP will make his home elsewhere for 2013 and beyond.

Hamilton’s contract demands are widely regarded to be in the ballpark of 7-years and $175 million. Both the Baltimore Orioles and Seattle Mariners have been suggested as early suitors for Hamilton’s services, while the Milwaukee Brewers have been floated as a potential National League destination for him as well.

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