Turn And Face The Stranger

Dear Readers:

Of all the things to be proud of as editor of Getting Blanked – the balance of insight and irreverence, the seriousness, the sense of humor, the fantastic contributors, our weekly features, that Bruce Bochy GIF where he just shrugs – I take the greatest mesure of pride in the fact that the blog has never published an annoying post informing its readership of something to do with the website itself. Of course, that changes today.

I’m writing this post to inform you that I’ll no longer be the editor of Getting Blanked. I’m not going too far away. In fact, I’ll still be making contributions to these pages and taking my seat in the podcast studio to talk about baseball whenever the opportunity arises. However, I’ll be extending my focus to things beyond baseball for the next little while, writing in a format that’s not quite blogging, not quite journalism, not quite reporting and hopefully, not quite like any sportswriting before.

I leave all of you in the very capable hands of Drew Fairservice, who will take over the reins as the editorial chariot driver of Getting Blanked. The new Ben Hur of baseball blogging will be assisted by Scott Lewis, whose main duty will be to relay breaking news stories and provide facetious analysis faster than any flippant writer in the business. As I hinted at before, I’ll also be chiming in with the regular Ten Stray Thoughts On A Friday feature, as well as a smattering of longer-form pieces.

On the whole, I think these changes make the blog a better place to visit, and I hope that this will be your experience moving forward.

I hate that I’m reduced to the cliché of expressing gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to read my work at Getting Blanked over the last two plus years. However, this is the equivalent of your support and ongoing interest in my opinions leaving me speechless. Thank you very much.

People, when they feel honored, often suggest that it’s a humbling experience. I’ve never understood this. If anything, your reading of my work has emboldened me. It makes me want to be a better writer. And by sparking that drive, I think it’s led to the opportunities with which I’ve been presented. In this sense, I owe a massive debt to you. I hope to repay it with the showcasing of the very best of my abilities moving forward.