Turn And Face The Stranger

Dear Readers:

Of all the things to be proud of as editor of Getting Blanked – the balance of insight and irreverence, the seriousness, the sense of humor, the fantastic contributors, our weekly features, that Bruce Bochy GIF where he just shrugs – I take the greatest mesure of pride in the fact that the blog has never published an annoying post informing its readership of something to do with the website itself. Of course, that changes today.

I’m writing this post to inform you that I’ll no longer be the editor of Getting Blanked. I’m not going too far away. In fact, I’ll still be making contributions to these pages and taking my seat in the podcast studio to talk about baseball whenever the opportunity arises. However, I’ll be extending my focus to things beyond baseball for the next little while, writing in a format that’s not quite blogging, not quite journalism, not quite reporting and hopefully, not quite like any sportswriting before.

I leave all of you in the very capable hands of Drew Fairservice, who will take over the reins as the editorial chariot driver of Getting Blanked. The new Ben Hur of baseball blogging will be assisted by Scott Lewis, whose main duty will be to relay breaking news stories and provide facetious analysis faster than any flippant writer in the business. As I hinted at before, I’ll also be chiming in with the regular Ten Stray Thoughts On A Friday feature, as well as a smattering of longer-form pieces.

On the whole, I think these changes make the blog a better place to visit, and I hope that this will be your experience moving forward.

I hate that I’m reduced to the cliché of expressing gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to read my work at Getting Blanked over the last two plus years. However, this is the equivalent of your support and ongoing interest in my opinions leaving me speechless. Thank you very much.

People, when they feel honored, often suggest that it’s a humbling experience. I’ve never understood this. If anything, your reading of my work has emboldened me. It makes me want to be a better writer. And by sparking that drive, I think it’s led to the opportunities with which I’ve been presented. In this sense, I owe a massive debt to you. I hope to repay it with the showcasing of the very best of my abilities moving forward.



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  1. Go get ‘em, Dustin. Congratulations to you and Drew. The king is dead. Long live the king.

  2. Good luck, it’s been a pleasure reading you, for realz.

  3. Congratulations Dustin. Thanks for all your great work here, and I’m sure Drew will do an excellent job stepping in.

    So… when are you going to tell us what’s next? Are you moving on from the Score?

  4. Thanks Dustin for continuously providing great content on GB blog. Looking forward to reading whatever you put out in the future (possible book?).

    Drew and Lewis taking over the reins…..YEEHAW!!

  5. Congrats, Dustin! I look forward to reading your new stuff.

    And hooray for Drew. You all do great work at GB.

  6. Thanks for your work, Parkes. As a fairly new MLB fan, you taught me a lot.

    Horse noise.

  7. Yes Dustin, on the whole this feels good.

  8. Boom. Good luck. Good Parkes moments? Here is one: the Adam Lind rope dream post.

  9. I’m happy for you Dustin – I think your writing deserves a much wider audience than this blog probably offers. (I was quite happy to see your name on the Sports On Earth roster for this exact reason.)

    That said, I will certainly miss your participation in the Prop Hate bets next year. No one watched a terrible baseball game quite like you.

  10. Been great reading your blog. Good luck with whatever comes next. Keep us up to date.

  11. Congrats Dustin. Your resistance to conventional wisdom has been a most refreshing alternative viewpoint. How fitting that your extensive think-piece on Hamilton was one of your last as editor. Thank you

  12. What?! What is happening. I can only assume you’re moving on to start ghost writing Shaggy’s autobiography and I don’t care for it ONE BIT! But my copy had better be signed.

    Congratulations or whatever I guess.

  13. Congratulations Dustin, good luck to you in the future! By the way you described it, it sounds like your going to try to be baseballs very own hunter s thompson.

  14. Congrats! While I haven’t always agreed with you the quality of the what you have done here has always been pretty damn good. Good luck.

    Long Live Fairservice!

  15. Good Luck Dustin with your next endeavor.

  16. Fuck off, Parkes. And good luck!

  17. C’mon Parkes. I get that you’re disappointed that you gave up on the Jays before they made their massive signing of Maicer Izturis, but do you need to leave baseball altogether?

    (In all seriousness, congrats and good luck!)

  18. Good work, DP. Good luck on your mysterious New adventures

  19. I can’t say that I am overly shocked as I have noticed the past few weeks most of your usual style of posts being made by Drew and Scott so I figured something was up with you leaving or something as there was no explanation like you going on vacation like you did in the summer.

    After all that I do have to say you really helped open and expand my eyes of how to think critically about baseball. There is room for not only intelligent thinking about this sport but also more abstract thinking and writing that extends far beyond “so-and-so is great club house guy”.

    You are leaving the editor duties in very capable hands though. I look forward to whatever your next endeavors are as I am sure they will be thought provoking like your work here was.

    Just remember It Wasn’t Me.

  20. Thanks for all the great posts over the past two years at GB! You definitely got me through some really boring times at my day job.

    If I ever run into you in a Toronto bar I will buy you a beer.

    cheers and good luck,


  21. Congratulations. I have quite enjoyed reading your perspective on baseball for the past several years. Wherever it is that you are going, I do hope that it is a place where people can in good lighthearted humour say “Fuck off, Parkes.”

  22. So.. Parkes finally fucked off. This sucks. Where are you going to be writing?

  23. Now watch adam Lind get misteriously traded… Congrats though look forward to seeing whatever you crank out next?

  24. Best of luck Dustin. Let us know when your new stuff surfaces. Looking forward to it.

  25. I can only assume this means Parkes has been signed by AA as a right-handed relief pitcher. At least there’s not much competition!

  26. That’s an intriguing description of your new pursuits.

    Seriously–congrats, Parkes, good luck, and glad you’re still going to be writing here. Getting Blanked was the reason I started trying to write about baseball myself. And thrilled to be reading more of Drew and Scott, who are absolutely the bee’s knees.

  27. Fuck off Park- oh wait

  28. When this new focus of yours, whatever it is, translates into words on a page, a link or seven would be greatly appreciated.
    Best of luck!

  29. Best of luck, hombre. A pleasure to have worked with you.

  30. Good luck! I think by far your best post was about you tracking down the elusive box score guy. It had touches of humanism. Something most bloggers/writers aren’t able to bring to their subjects.

  31. Well it appears a bunch of commentators have already beat me to the “fuck off Parkes”

    But in all seriousness, thanks for all the hours of entertainment while working here during my boredom at work, good luck in your future endeavours.

  32. Please keep us posted on the new endeavor.

  33. Dustin: You set the blog bar high. You helped drag a few of us MSM guys a few centimetres closer to baseball reality. And you made it rollicking good fun all the while. I’ve enjoyed your stuff and learned from it. I’m guessing that won’t change, whatever your new stuff is and wherever it lands. All the best.

  34. The King is dead! Long live the King!

    Thanks, Dustin (and look forward to continuing to read you), and congratulations to Drew. The blog, she is in good hands.

  35. Cheers to you, Parkes. Good luck with your next endeavour!

  36. Aww, this is like the end to Old Yeller. Thanks, Dustin!

  37. Great job with this blog and with your work on DJF previously. Good luck in your future writing; it’s been a pleasure reading your work over the years.

  38. Thanks a bunch for your contributions, Dustin. It has been a pleasure.

    Looking forward to the new cookbook!

  39. Fairwell and good luck.

  40. One more… Fuck off, Parkes. Congrats! You get better and better and better and I’m sure you will continue to do so. This is what life’s all about. Good luck.

  41. It was because of all the relievers, wasn’t it?
    I hate change.
    ~Congrats and hiho anyway~

  42. Remember what you wrote back in 2010 in the DJF guide to the interwebs – “The Score’s coverage consists of a line of programming and a contract with an outside news organization.”

    You’ve done good fixing that.

    Can’t wait to see what you go get yourself into next. Congrats and good luck

  43. Thanks for all the great work Dustin. You’re the reason I found this blog, and you’re leaving it in very capable hands. Good luck with the future!

  44. Best of luck to you. Be sure to let us know where we can keep reading.

    Congrats to Drew!

  45. Is this like when someone says they’ll stay in touch, but never does? No, I’m not crying! There’s something in my eye.

  46. Kudos, good sir

  47. Congrats Parkes, look forward to your new work and glad you’ll still be hanging around.

  48. Sincere congratulations to Dustin and Drew. The very best of luck.

  49. So Parkes just got an in-house promotion to TV or some suit job at The Score?

  50. Grats/Fuck off, Parkes. Your writing is the best on the site and I’m not surprised you say you don’t understand the meaning of the expression “to be humbled.”

  51. Congrats papa drew!

  52. Congrats Parkes, hope to see the occasional post from you and good to hear you’ll still be on the show/podcast.

  53. Congratulations Mr. Parkes. I rarely comment on here, but I always read. I hope I speak for those, like myself, who sit quietly on the sidelines but enjoy your work just as much as the next commenter.

  54. Parkes is great. Fairservice is great. Point blank, period.

  55. Congrats to both Wally Pip and Fairservice… if the NL Central Hotstove preview is any indication I’m sure that all this means is a few less great pieces on GB (although I’m excited to hear that TSTOAF isn’t going anywhere), that the quality of writing internet wide is going to both improve and get more Shakespearian, and that Scott Lewis is going to become this domain’s resident troll. Best of luck to all of you, with a horse noise for Fairservice, a hearty Encarnacion to Parkes… or is it Encarnashun… or Encarnasion… Encarnazian? Whatever, and an inaugural Fuck Off Lewis!

    All the best,

    Paul from Ottawa

  56. So what is it? A book deal?

  57. Dustin, thanks to you and everyone for bringing Getting Blanked to the masses. I transitioned over from DJF, and it GB really opened up my eyes to everything happening outside of Blue Jays Land. I wish you all the best in your new project.

    And congrats to Drew on his new title. I’ve always enjoyed your writing as well, and Getting Blanked is in very good hands.

  58. Thanks for all of the highly entertaining and informative writing. It has served to transition me from a Jays fan to a baseball obsessive and I’ve really enjoyed all of it.

  59. Been reading your work since your DJF days. Gotta say it’s going to be weird without saying the occasional, “Fuck off Parkes!” ;)

    Good luck with whatever new opportunities you may be pursuing!

  60. Good Luck Parkes. Your sense of humor will be missed. Lookind forward to hearing you on the occasional posts.

  61. Good for you, Parkes. I can’t wait until you jump on the soccer bandwagon (because it’s hipster central), rant on the GB podcast about how you almost can’t watch baseball anymore, then quit the podcast altogether.

    As a human being, I congratulate you for moving up in the world. As a baseball fan, I’m glad we don’t need to pretend that PEDs never helped anyone be good at sports, ever. Ever.

  62. Parkes, I do not accept your resignation until you post “Lyle Overbay’s Five Questions”.

    Drew, I do not accept your appointment until you create and post “Darren Oliver’s” Five Questions”.

    …….And don’t be going soft on him like you did with Amy K. Nelson, or look like Kelly Johnston on a change up away like you did with Carson Cistulli.

    Channel the “stand in front of a camera, get incredibly nervous, and then act like a fan boy” spirit that Parkes has left us with, then ask him who he thinks is better with the ladies, himself, or Al Oliver.

    In memory of Parkes’ passing after being hit by that car it’s the least you could do (apologies, but the telephone game is still the best game in town).

    These are my terms.

    P.S. Parkes, I’m not certain of what sort of sports media shenanigans your up to next, but remember this, “no matter where you go, there you are”.

    And if I may humbly add to the immortal words of Buckaroo Banzai that there is only one thing you need to know about the Sports Media/Content Business, and that’s one word…..Business.

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