Another slow day in November, another fun little Sporacle distraction to keep your mind sharp or, at least, keep complete neural atrophy from setting in over your lunch.

Today’s offering, via the ever-useful High Heat Stats on twitter, tests your knowledge of major American cities in relation to each other by naming the closet team from each stadium’s home plate. Exciting! Have at it! Can you beat my not-at-all impressive score of 25 correct answers? I should hope so.

Comments (12)

  1. …kicks the crap outta my 22…

    goddam midwest states….grrrrrrr

  2. beat my 23. How are the reds the closest team to the Braves. I had to look that one up to believe it.

  3. The mapping in Chicagoland is perfect. The city is pretty overwhelmingly White Sox centric, but the surrounding area, even Indiana, is Cubs crazy.

  4. Oh the Rays. What a cute little territory they have.

  5. 20 :(

    Boo short comment!

  6. 25…got lucky in California, didn’t really know what was close to what out there

  7. 23, but i cheated and read the comments first so i got the ridiculous reds/braves one

  8. 28/30, but I was looking at a map of major NCAA football schools a few days ago and remembered where San Francisco is on a map, as well as the locations of Missouri and Kansas. I also learned why the Big East is going to be a complete misnomer as of next year’s college football season.

  9. Fucking awesome map.

  10. So I got 18…I really don’t know where anything in the US is.

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