Brian Sabean knows better than you. As ludicrous as a three-year deal worth a reported $18 million dollars seems for a lefty-only reliever nearing his 34th birthday, one may not proceed with scorn for the deal without proper reflection. “What Would Sabes Do?” is officially a thing one must heed before leaping forth in judgement.

Turns out they would do just what old Buster says above: Brian Sabean and the Giants will re-sign lefty reliever Jeremy Affeldt to a three-year deal with a reported $18 million dollars because Sabean knows. Why fight it?

The last time the Giants signed Jeremy Affeldt to basically identical contract, it worked out very well for them. Affeldt joined the Giants after the 2008 season, signing a three-year deal with an option for a fourth. The Giants, somewhat controversially, picked up that option ahead of the 2012 season. A season in which they won, as you well know, the World Series.

So Sabean and his merry band of pitching soothsayers re-up with Affeldt for three more years into his mid-to-late thirties. His velocity will slip but a LOOGY with control is forever employable – and Affeldt’s walk rate improved each of the last three seasons.

Considering his strong post-season play (only three runs allowed in more than 20 career innings) it is not killing anyone to lock-in Affeldt. A slight increase over his previous salary shouldn’t stand between the Giants and any other moves this winter.