Tonight, we are all Mark Reynolds. More accurately, let’s have the BBWAA be Mark Reyndols and let Buck Showalter stand in for Buck Showalter. The writers cruelly snubbed poor Buck, handing 16 first-place votes to Bob Melvin of the Oakland A’s compared to 12 for the Orioles’ Showalter. No luck, just Buck indeed. (Full ballot)

Bob Melvin wins the American League Manager of the Year award, likely the least important “major” award handed out during this most silly of silly seasons. Melvin lead the Cinderella A’s to a shock AL West title, falling to the Tigers in the ALDS but chasing down the Rangers during the final weeks of the season. Oakland built their team on home run power and good pitching. Kudos to Bob Melvin for staying the hell out of the way.

The National League nod goes to Davey Johnson for leading the Nationals to the first playoff appearances since moving to DC. Johnson deserves immense credit for his progressive attitudes and forward-thinking lineup construction which allowed the talent on his roster to flourish. The writers agree, giving Johnson 24 of a possible 28 first-place votes. Dusty Baker and Bruce Bochy round out the top three. (Full ballot)

Expansive manager of the year thoughts below the jump.

Joe Maddon didn’t win the AL Manager of the year, which is unusual but no skin offa Overmanagin’ Joe Maddon’s nose.

Clint Hurdle WILL NEVER, EVER WIN and it eats him up inside.

Bruce Bochy deserves a special mention for his outstanding post-season managing acumen and also this.