The game itself does not have a release date yet, but Sony has released a teaser of sorts that shows off the Houston Astros new uniforms as they will appear in MLB 13: The Show. Virtual versions of Matt Dominguez, Jose Altuve, Bud Norris, Jason Castro, Jed Lowrie, J.D. Martinez and several forgettable players play models for the Astros old is new again home, road, and trio of weekend alternate uniforms.

That Sunday look really gets my nostalgia meter going. The trailer’s intro suspiciously skipped over the Astros’ mid-to-late 90s threads that featured a navy and gold look. You’re not going to wipe the Derek Bell years from my memory that easily.

h/t ESPN Playbook

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  1. It’s weird, I was so caught up in the Jay’s last year I didn’t realize how ridiculous the marketing for new jersey’s could be.

  2. Rainbow jerseys or bust.

  3. Those uniforms sure don’t do anything for Brett Wallace’s figure…

  4. Those new Houston softball jerseys look like they’ll be a hit with the Astros’ fan.

  5. They kinda look like Mets jerseys

  6. Houston has a team?

  7. The Houston Genericos!

  8. Well, these uniforms are awful, just like the Marlins were last yr.. Good God, do all these teams hire the exact same guys to come up with these completely drab, boring, and been done to death look uni’s. How about a little creativity and uniqueness. Every team in the league use red, blue, orange or green as their base colors. If they are going to only use 4 primary colors, at least put a little effort in making them look different than every other team in baseball.

  9. Need an Astros owner for an MLB The Show 13 League.

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