Let’s milk this glorious cow while she’s still robust! Breaking down the trade from the good old Getting Blanked show set. Let the good times roll!

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  1. what’s wierd is that there is not a huge difference in what we sent to the marlins vs. what we sent to Houston for Happ and Lyon. Wojo, Musgrove, Comer and Perez are not ranked a lot lower than Hech, Marisnick and Nicolino. Call them our B- prospects vs. our B+ prospects except this time we are getting back A talent.

  2. “As Blue Jays fans, you guys should…” – Parkes (4:24)

    Never mind the classy get-up, that was some smug shit right there.

    Fuck off, Parkes.

    • Yeah Parkes is a Giants fan. He’s a classic bandwagon jumper, he’ll be back cheering for the Jays soon enough.

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