The Seattle Mariners are very good at some things and less than good at some other things. They are really good at marketing their team and making their ballpark experience a memorable one. The onfield product outside Felix Hernandez leaves most fans wanting but they sure go out of their way to give who do make it to Safeco Field good bang for their buck.

With the renovations of Safeco Field already under way, the official Mariners twitter account rolled out some key details regarding their re-designed home. Namely: big old video screens. Like, the biggest.

The image above is obviously an “artist’s rendering” but the awe-inspiring details are below to inspire all the awe.

In addition to the cosier playing confines and immense advertisement delivery systems, the changes to Safeco require the Mariners to move their old-timey hand operated scoreboard to a new spot in left field, removing it from the field of play. Such is the cost of process, process which will light up the night sky so brightly as to be visible from Vancouver.

Modifying your ballpark is the new getting somebody else to buy you a ballpark, it appears. To the Mariners’ credit, the upgrades to the park will cost the team in the seven digits. Dipping attendance requires immediate action? That just sounds like crazy talk to me.