Finally, this latest Jeffrey Loria Marlins fire sale mess makes some sense. You can thank Taiwanese animation purveyors, NMA, for the thorough explanation of how Loria duped Hawaiian shirt and sandal-wearing Miami bros into paying for his eyesore of a baseball stadium by promising a competitive club.

Not to nitpick here, but the Blue Jays logo pictured in the clip is outdated and the 1999 Marlins are pictured in their 2012 threads. Okay, I’m nitpicking. Animation!

h/t Eye On Baseball

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  1. Jonah Keri on PTS summaries a point from his Grantland article that basically said if attendance decrees 40% Loria is still set to make 30 mil of this deal.

    I’m kinda starting to develop a regard for Loria. Sure the team I follow the most gained from his ways, but at the end of the day baseball is America’s game, and shrewd capitalism/business is as American as apple pie.

    Loria is kinda like a fancy pants east coast version of JR Ewing.

    (The Loria math is in the last few minutes)

  2. Souki of the Expos!

  3. Fair assessment. Baseball fans may place a lot of importance on individual accomplishments, but it is still a team game and a team’s overall success depends on just about every player on the roster.There’s just no logical way you can argue for or against someone winning the MVP based on where his team finished in the standings.

  4. Just have the fans stop supporting the team or wait, they never did that in the first place. Carry on.

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