Last night, the Cy Young voting gave us a taste for what is to come tonight. Down ballot shenanigans inevitably mar the proceedings as outlier votes and weird agendas get more than their share of attention.

Which, more than anything, is unfortunate. Because such a small segment of fans actually care.

It is very easy for so many of us online to get our collective panties in a bunch when some podunk writer has the audacity to push the player he sees in his jockstrap daily over some other pitcher who might be nominally better.

No fan actually cares if the local beat grunt voted Fernando Rodney for AL Cy Young. Hell, they probably want him to. Which doesn’t make it right but it doesn’t make it worth the wringing hands.

Until…this evening’s award announcements. When Miguel Cabrera wins the AL MVP tonight, of course. THEN WE RIOT! DETROIT WILL (RE)BURN TONIGHT.

To all the people who vote for Miguel Cabrera tonight, I want to know one thing: do you think, in your heart of hearts, that your team would win more games with Mike Trout on it or with Miguel Cabrera. Just that. No need for much additional context. Watch them both play, look at their impact. Who makes your team better?

The same holds true for the Cy Young voting last night. Would Fernando Rodney help you win more games than Justin Verlander or David Price? Any support to the “yes” side requires some pretty severe mental gymnastics and, as far as I can tell, ignoring some pretty basic baseball ideas.

Fans value these awards. The players value these awards. The writers cherish and, I really believe, take their role in the process seriously – as seriously as the situation demands, anyway. So not at all.

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