The St. Louis Cardinals unveiled an alternate jersey that will be worn at Saturday home games next season. The Cardinals showed off their new look at a press conference, streamed live on the club’s official site Friday morning.

The jersey is both a nod to and break from tradition. The off-white (or “heritage white” as our friend Chris Creamer calls it) is similar to what we’ve seen in alternates from the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians and Philadelphia Phillies. The new look marks the first time the club will have a jersey that features St. Louis across the chest rather than Cardinals in 80 years.

Team president Bill DeWitt III on the uniform change:

“It’s not an earth-shattering change, but any change with the Cardinals is big news because there’s such tradition with our uniform look. We don’t take it lightly. I’m excited about [Friday's unveiling], and I think our fans will be more than pleased with the changes.”

The Cardinals also announced that they will wear red caps on the road next season. RIP, navy caps.

Via St. Louis Cardinals

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  1. Looks nice. I have to say, I never liked the navy caps on the Cardinals.

  2. They’re glorious – love the Cardinals uniforms, new and old. Glad they’re getting rid of the navy caps.

  3. Beautiful jersey, and red caps have always > navy caps when it comes to the Cards. They’re certainly one of the best organizations in all of baseball.

  4. looks like someone washed it and the embroidery wasn’t colour-fast

  5. I have always been impressed with the Cardinals jersey, the nicest in MLB, IMO. It is too bad the Jays didn’t look towards it for their uniforms, that weird looking blue jay has always bothered me, it looks like a beer can logo to me.

  6. The Navy Caps were always my favorite. Hopefully, in a few years, they’ll realize how dumb a decision it is to get rid of them and bring them back. I also wish the St. Louis was on the road jerseys so we could rep our city, but maybe that will come in the future.

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