Awesome work by theScore social team, who put together this video showing the newest (un)official members of the Toronto Blue Jays wearing the royal blue hats and performing on the sickly green painted concrete of the Rogers Centre.

Watch Jose Reyes bunt at Yankee Stadium! Watch Josh Johnson light up David Ortiz. Spring Training starts in less than four months, friends.

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  1. Seriously, too many shots including Cordero and Ben Francisco… Kind of ruined the warm fuzzies?

  2. Sort of disappointing that the 2013 Jays seem to have Ben Francisco back sporting the #8 again.

  3. Good, but could have been so much better. Please re-submit.

  4. Where can I download that Okay Blue Jays song Remix?

  5. Yea, should have at least done the mlb12 the show roster update so that francisco, cordero, etc. wouldn’t be on the roster…

    I know in my excitement with the trade, i moved these guys in mlb 12 the show and also made sure to get maicer izturis at 2b and get rid of kelly johnson.

    Could have been so much better.

  6. Kelly Johnson sighting. My eyes burn.

  7. They got the crowd all wrong. I see blue seats where we can expect to see raucous fans maple bonering to the awesomeness of this new look Jays team.

  8. You guys are incredible

  9. How can I unlock Alex Anthopoulos mode on my copy of The Show? Does anybody have the cheat code for that?

  10. Johnson wears 55? Guess even if Butter is back as manager (not that I think he will be) it won’t be as his old number.

  11. Despite its back-dated peripheral roster, this is the single best video I have seen in a long time. Jays FTW.

  12. Good job:

    1. The away uniforms have the bird logo in the centre with no buttons. Kind of like a mix of the powder blue centre bird style and the grey unis. The next scene has the proper grey uni with bird logo on the left.

    2. Love the timing of the song when Reyes bunts :”is that a flyball?”. No, it was a bunt.

    fun to watch

  13. Absolutely awesome.

  14. GAHHHH that song is awful. But awesome video. Good work theScore Social Team! How did they put that Alex Anthopoulos mode in it? Friggin genius.

  15. i cracked up when it cut to Holland throwing his glove in the dugout

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