Saint Anthopoulos’ School for Wicked Boys enrols another wayward soul! Enrique Rojas first reported (and is now confirmed by countless other reporters) that Melky Cabrera signs with the Toronto Blue Jays for two years and $16 million dollars. Cabrera missed the final 50 games of the 2012 season after he was suspended for a violation of the league’s drug policy. At the time of his suspension, Cabrera led the National League in batting average, posting career high numbers across the board with the Giants. The switch-hitter becomes the Blue Jays every day left fielder and slots into the number two spot in their batting order.

What are the Jays going to get from Melky Cabrera? His last two seasons are great but how much, if any, of his production comes courtesy of whatever substances he crammed into his veins? Two straight 4 Win seasons are terrific but will fans accept some decline in the face of his suspension?

Alex Anthopoulos and the Blue Jays front office clearly don’t care. They see a “buy low” opportunity on a productive player who comes with some baggage – the kind of baggage they can stomach. Fans in Toronto (or any city) are more than willing to forgive contrite stars as long as they perform like stars.

However Cabrera performs in Toronto it represents a massive upgrade over the parade of not-quite-there prospects and platoon players they’ve trotted out to left field over the last few years. After posting a combined line of .322.360/.489 in two pitchers ballparks over the last two years, some of the projection systems are not quite as kind for Melky in the future. The offensive-minded Bill James system has Melky at .295/.348/.432 next year, though the Rogers Centre might help that some.

Melky Cabrera rode an exceptionally high BABIP to his (near) batting title in 2012. After strong seasons with the Yankees to begin his career, Melky slumped badly in 2010 with the Braves, where many questioned his conditioning and dedication to the game.

After moving to the Royals, Cabrera turned his career around – the one positive test for testosterone casts doubt on everything he accomplished since the dark days in Atlanta. PED whispers never die and once guilty, even if fans forgive, they never forget.

A two-year deal worth the reported $16 million dollars is not a significant outlay of cash for a player coming off consecutive 4 WAR seasons. Even if he was juiced up and his production is, say, 75% of what he gave the Royals and Giants, the Blue Jays are winners.

The Blue Jays have now completely overhauled their roster in the span of a week. Two new rotation arms, an upgraded shortstop and a new starting left fielder, a utility infielder and more switch hitters than you can shake a stick at. How much more money does Alex Anthopoulos have to spend to address the shrinking list of available roster spots? Blue Jays fans might be wondering how many actually remain – a feeling Blue Jays fans do not know well.

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  1. WHAT?!?


  2. Good Lord. This is too much to digest. It’s like an all-you-can-eat Allstar buffet for the Jays. Stop AA. I can’t take too much more. What’s everyone else going to eat?

  3. PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!

  4. Just wow………

    AA is back….. 2/16?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  5. AA is god of ninjas

  6. Raging-huge-mega-boner!


  8. This is insane! I wonder if Melky signs here if AA hadn’t made the trade….

    • I doubt it. He might have gotten better stats signing a 1 year deal in a weaker division (Hello AL Central) to re-establish his value.

  9. Even with some regression, he should be a good player on Toronto. Here’s hoping he keeps his OBP up.

  10. In AA we Trust.
    Go Jays!

  11. Unbelievable…when DJF posts were waxing on about now the Jays have to get Cabrera, I was thinking, “it’s not happening…be thankful for making a big splash already…”

    This is like American Ninja III ninja-ing…

  12. I have been touting Melky as the way to go, and have been ignored by EVERYONE! You have been SO busy dissing AA for his lack of movement because “Rogers is too cheap to go after quality players”, or NOW the talk has been some kind of sainthood for AA since he made the Miami deal. Most of us knew he wasn’t finished….he needed a LF with pop. I said the Melkman was at a good price now….nobody (except AA) listened!
    The lineup for season’s tickets is L-O-N-G!

    • Yup, I’m sure AA was perusing these boards, saw your comment, and was struck by inspiration. What I can’t understand is why you’re not just running the show. Hey, don’t they have a manager position open?

    • Yea … AA listened to you. He is aware of you. He does as you suggest.

    • Thank God for you Jack. Not sure what we’d do without you. You are definitely the only one who mentioned Melky. Got your finger on the pulse dontcha. Hey, wait Jack, that’s not my pulse…

    • Dude. SOOO many people have been talking about Cabrera..Jeff Blair was asking about Cabrera the other day for christs sake.

  13. FUCK!!!! I am at work shaking, So damn excited!!!!!!!!!

  14. who the hell is going to manage these guys??!

    • its got to be someone with at least some experience in the majors

    • Does it matter? Reyes Cabrera Bautista EE Lawrie Rasmus Lind JPA 2B see you in Ocotober.

      • Manager proof the team before you hire!

      • Even Cito could win with this group…..that’s saying something.

        • I’ll manage them. I’m basically stupid but we’ll win anyway. And I work cheap. And I’m free next fall.
          “Go Gandhi!”

        • cito was an amazing manager, he won us 2 back to back world series, including multiple years of competitiveness in the al east, which has been a while since that last happened

          • You are a tool if you don’t realize that the lineup got the WS rings. You could have managed the Jays in the late 80′s-early 90′s and got those rings too. Last I checked Cito did’t hit a clinching HR for the Jays.

  15. … and it ain’t over yet! There’s still catcher(s) to be dealt

  16. What kind of a starter do you get if you package JPA and Syndergaard?

    • I don’t think we need to. We need another starter yes, but I don’t think we can package away another big prospect without somewhat bankrupting the future to a certain extent. Let’s be sustainable!

      • That’s if you believe Syndergaard will work out…I hear his curve/slider is below average, although his fastball is plus. Sanchez and Osuna will be better in MLB. Sell high before everyone figures it out…

    • Trading JPA at this point would be foolish. D’Arnaud is coming off an injury and has only had half a season at AAA. Jays need JPA catching with Buck as backup. D’Arnaud has to prove himself healthy, and then has to perform at the MLB level. He’ll get his chance, but trading JPA before you have a replacement ready . . . well, it isn’t going to happen.

  17. Wow….I’m so fucking confused right now!

    I really liked Melky before he his PED test, and then I got really pissed off when I found out he was…enhanced.

    Now he’s a Jay. This is a new feeling.

  18. I’m so happy right now, I could just sit here and shit all day…Where’s my ball and glove? I just can’t wait for the season to start…wooo hooo HAPPY FEET !!! :)

  19. Aside from the obvious amazingness of the players acquired this week, the thing I’m most pleased about is that the Jays put themselves in a position where Gose, TDA, Synd, are Sanch are all now pushed down the depth chart where they can take the necessary time to develop properly as opposed to being rushed out of depth needs.

  20. OMFG! I’m going CRAYYYYY!

  21. Remember (last week) when people were wondering whether AA had lost his mojo?

  22. Don’t get too excited Jays fans……the AL still has the Rangers,Yankees,Rays,Angels and let’s not forget the Tigers……Some good moves but lets wait and see. Go Tigers!

  23. I am officially optimistic about the Toronto Blue Jays.

  24. Lets compare Toronto to Detroit shall we………Detroits lineup 1 thru 5. Jackson,Hunter ,Cabrera,Feilder and Martinez. WOW!!!!!!! Bluejays cant compete. Pitching…. Verlander.Fister,Schezer and Porcello again Jays can’t compete Sorry guys.

    • Porcello is one of the worst SP’s in baseball.
      Seriously, Porcello? lol

      • Well likestowhine………Porcello is 48-43 for his career and is only 23 years old. Romero has the same amount of losses and only 3 more wins. I guess your guy is one of the worst pitchers in baseball as well. IDIOT

    • So your saying the Jays can’t compete because their top 5 isn’t as strong as Detroit’s (which I would argue is debatable). You included a player coming off a year long injury in that top 5 and you also included Porcello as a reason the Jays can’t compete which is laughable in itself. Detroit isn’t even in our division and should handily take the Central eliminating them from wildcard contention. Other than the 3 or 4 series the Detroit Tigers really have no bearing on whether the Jays can ‘compete’ or not.

    • Fielder is regressing in skill in direct proportion to the increase of his girth.

      Cabrera wants to get drunk and die.

      Martinez hasn’t played in 1.5 years.

      Few people know this, but Austin Jackson is actually the love child of Michael and Latoya Jackson. Dirty.

      I may have made that last one up.

      • You wanna talk about regressing???? lets see how Bautista does this year. Look at his career numbers compared to Feilder. If batting over 300 and hitting over 30 dingers and having over 100 RBI’s is bad your team is in alot of trouble. Another IDIOT

    • Don’t feed the troll.

    • Reyes > Jackson, Melky > Hunter, Bautista (when healthy) > Cabrera, Encarnacion > Fielder

      • You were doing OK until the Encarnacion>Fielder part. I was even pretty skeptical about the Bautista > Cabrera.

        In all seriousness, at their best the two teams should be fairly close. Detroit was a better team than their record last year. I’d say Detroit has a slight advantage in the middle of their lineup and 1-2 starting pitchers. Blue Jays at this point have more depth after that. I’ll take the Tigers due to a few less major question marks, but its close.

    • So? Give Detroit the Central. The Jays just have to be better than the 2nd best team there.

      Verlander would admittedly make them favoured in a short series, but, you know what? I’d be perfectly happy to cross that particular bridge when it comes to it. Enough being lumped in with the Royals and Pirates.

    • yeah good point hunter is only like 45 years old an ur points ur tryin to bring up suck try to learn about the game a little bit

      • he is 37 and had better numbers than everyone but your flash in the pan Encarnacion. maybe you should do a little research you fucking moron

  25. ummmmmm Romero LMFAO

    • not to sound like jays fanboi, but I think the Tigers were exposed in the world series for their lack of athleticism and defence vs the Giants.
      Yes they have a great staff and some big bashers and the top hitter in the game, but lets be real they play in the sh$t tacular AL Central and making the playoffs is easier than in the AL East. You need a more rounded team to win with the big boys over 162 games.

    • Hey, I LOVE that Tiger team & rooted for them in the playoffs. But you’re kinda missing the point my friend – this is a TBJ blog & the folks here are rooting for their home-team. So let them enjoy their good fortune okay?

  26. NOW can we wipe that self absorbed and satisfied condescending smirk off of parkes face?

    suk it parkes!

  27. AA said from the start when the time was right the money would be there. Any one doubt him now

  28. One more pitcher! One more pitcher!!

  29. So how soon until we trade Buck !?? we need him gone, we need to utilize D’Arnaud and J.P every other day. D’Arnaud is 25 this year, he’s only getting older

    • I say we move JP, and let Buck mentor TDA. I have a feeling JP would try to sabotage him or something for more playing time

      • Except even on his worst day I’d still rather have JPA than the current dessicated husk of Buck.

        I’m not as down on Cito as most people, but damn him for pumping Buck’s stats up a couple years ago. He’d probably be out of the majors if it wasn’t for that.

  30. It used to be the rule of thumb that one WAR was worth $5MM. With the increased revenue from TV contracts, it’s generally assumed that number will be edged upwards. Accordingly, this 2/16 deal likely means Cabrera needs to provide 1 WAR/season to be a ‘valuable’ asset. It’s likely unreasonable that he will have two consecutive seasons worth less than 1 WAR, even with BABIP and steroid regression factored in.

    Ninja power.

  31. 9 Nov 2012: Parkes resigns editorship of Getting Blanked.
    13 Nov 2012: News of The Trade breaks.
    16 Nov 2012: We learn of Melky’s signing.

    Fuck off Parkes indeed.


  33. Can somebody please put a suicide watch on for John Farrell?

  34. This is sooooooooo awesome. I can’t even believe all this happening at once. These are 4 all-star caliber players when they’re on the game and they directly fill the Jays biggest needs. It’s hard to comprehend a Toronto team actually being good, nevermind the Jays of all teams who haven’t made the playoffs since I was born (and i’m 18)

  35. Some big moves, but league has not approved the Miami deal yet. Its important to know who the manager will be, as Toronto had a bad one in Farrell the last few years with no bunting to move runners, bad base running calls, and crazy defense calls,,,,,one problem Miami had was the manager did not adjust to his pitching staff nor the players batting order, so an older grump of a manager thats won and been around a while is whats needed with all these big time stars, someone who respects the players and the players will respect since some of the pitchers were pitching beach balls last year (jays’ and picked up pitchers), plus the manager will need to monitor a few of the players like melky to ensure they aint playing with the pharmacist…..

  36. Wow this is a feeling i never felt before here comes the playoffs and boy o boy i hate boston lets defeat boston

  37. the rise of toronto as a sports city

  38. Where lawrie going to hit? 5-6?

  39. Oh Melky, how could I stay mad at you?

    Like others here, I feel like that guy Paul from “The Wonder Years” – I’m just dumbfounded by the last few days and I’m wearing really nerdy glasses staring at it all. It’s like all my Blue Jays pain over the years is about to be worth it, and it seems for several seasons to come.

    Cabrera will be the best LF the team has had since maybe even Candy Maldonado himself, as far as the bat goes. I personally can’t wait to see this team go on the road and blow shit up at parks like Fenway and new Yankee Stadium.

    Hey John Farrell, we are coming for your immortal soul.


    1. SS Reyes
    2. LF Melky
    3. RF Jose
    4. DH Edwin
    5. CF Rasmus
    6. 3B Lawrie
    7. C Arencebia
    8. 1B Lind
    9. 2B Bonifacio

    Bench: 2B Izturis, C Buck, C D’arnaud, OF Anthony Gose, OF Rajai Davis, SS Mike Mccoy

    I’m assuming Kelly Johnson, and either Buck or JP will not return to the team.

    1. Josh Johnson
    2. Brandon Morrow
    3. Mark Buehrle
    4. Ricky Romero
    5. J.A Happ

    Santos, Delabar, Wade, Perez, Carreno, Rogers, Crawford, Wilson, Jeffres, Farina

  41. Trade for Dickey!

  42. Send Farrell…a get well card!!!!!

  43. I havnt been this excited for the jays since watching them when I was a kid in their glory years! Not sure what AA has planned next but this lineup will rival ANY team in the league. Even with an injure or 2 their bench is so versatile and talented it doesn’t really matter! Go jays!!!

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