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Because of the divisive nature of the American League MVP vote, the National League ballot slipped under the radar – a tragedy as it featured no less than five legitimate contenders for Best the NL crown. In the end, the award went to Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants. A worthy winner from the eventual World Series champions.

The reasoning for Posey’s selection relative to the choice of Cabrera over Trout is very interesting indeed. Ryan Braun offensive numbers dwarfed Posey’s in every way, hitting more home runs while posting a higher on base percentage and counting more RBI. Posey’s team made the playoffs while Braun is a quasi-disgraced reported drug abuser. Posey also predominantly plays behind the plate, a positional adjustment even the most regressive of game story crafter cannot ignore.

Andrew McCutchen also posted terrific numbers for an also-ran club in Pittsburgh while Yadier Molina posted great catcher numbers for a playoff team – not to mention his superlative defensive reputation. Even Chase Headley’s numbers stand out when his cavernous ballpark is considered.

In the end, the safe vote was Posey because it was, realistically, the correct vote.

And the Rest

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You wanna know why Trout deserves the MVP more than Miggy? His highlight reel is WAY COOLER.

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  1. An additional reason for Poser over Braun is the relative park factors between the two. Posey spent half the season in the most pitcher friendly park in the majors.

  2. I disagree. I think voters forgot the entire first-half of the season and the fact that Posey played a lot of games at first base to help him put up those numbers. Not only was Posey not the most valuable player, but he wasn’t even the most valuable catcher. Overall, Molina was better, the exceptions being August and September.

    I think McCutchen and Braun should both have legitimate beefs right now.

    • a case can be made for at least four guys in the NL, and Posey was probably the easiest choice to make.
      he’s also come-back player of the year. his team made the playoffs, and the year he was out they didn’t. bam.

      the race is close enough that this kind of shit actually makes sense for a change, even if most reasonable people who trust sabrmetrics probably also trust science enough to think that braun was (is?) a user of PEDs.

      …who knows, maybe braun lost votes because of anti-semitism whether overt or deap-seated? it’s not like it would ever be written about in 2012.

      i don’t really care who didn’t vote for player X, i only care if they can make a passable argument for why they voted Y. as with the AL MVP, trout was much better based on, what we surely agree are, better metrics which should-be standardized. that said, his team didn’t make the playoffs, his production wasn’t “counted on” by the GM in winter as Cabrera’s was when they purchased Fielder (ie: there was less pressure to produce, and pitchers probably remembered his crappy 2011 and didn’t prepare that well for him initially, whereas Cabrera is a perennial MVP that everyone has to study video on from April on out). if that enough to make up for an historically good rookie season that was by some measures more than 1/3 better total production in less than a whole season? no. but, i guess if you don’t “believe” (ie. are a fucking caveman)in advanced metrics, then you look at the baseball card stats, and you look at the narrative, and you do what you think. it’s not like: i can’t understand how these people tie their shoes in the morning-honey-boo-boo bad. it’s just a fucking award.

      • Good points except the argument that Cabrera played for a playoff team is null because the Angel’s won more game.

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