I recall a day back in the summer of 2010 when, after a particularly rough exit from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, many Ottawa Senators fans were demanding that Jason Spezza be traded. In an effort to stem the tide of criticism aimed at the team’s star center, some fans organized a ‘save Spezza’ rally via Facebook. What eventually transpired was a gathering of dozen fans or so carrying signs and singing songs in support of Spezza on Parliament Hill. It was pathetic.

If the photo above (via @Angelo_riot) is to be believed, then it would be safe for us to declare that a sad Marlins fans protest is truly the most meagre show of defiance in sports today. That “Orange Bowl for THIS” sign really puts a cynical smile to my face, though.

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  1. Hey now! The other two fans left had to go into work today!

  2. What a waste of time in what is a beauty city in Miami.

  3. The person taking the photo must have been their leader

  4. It looks fake…like someone got some temp labourers waiting for work in front of Home Depot

  5. I thought that said Rocketeers wanted. Now I’m just sad.

  6. This is the entire season ticket base now.

  7. *sigh*


  8. Selig sympathizes for a number of fans you can’t even count on one hand?

  9. Save the Atlanta Thrashers is the saddest one I’ve ever seen.

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