Chipper Jones, who likes deer hunting in the off-season, seems to be enjoying the early stages of retirement with his family, taking yet another trip to the Double Dime Ranch, known to many as a South Texas hunter’s paradise.

Cloven-hoofed carnage below the jump.

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  1. two things, wtf face paint? and that fucking goatee.

    • deer have 60 times the senses that humans have, that is in all fiive – they can pick out a white face in the bush with ease. Hunting is a difficult sport, those who think it easy, have never been out in the wild. The goatee is what old people wear as a fashion statement, no facial hair shows weakness, check out the show Duck Dynasty!

  2. Hunting is such a waste. Great! You can pick off a deer from a km away just for a silly photo op and a wall mount. Make yourself useful and join up in the military and snipe some useless humans.

    • awwww, bleeding hearts are so cute

    • I have hunted for years, it is not easy and I have never met onyone who can pick off a deer at a km – that would be some kind of shooting. My self, I eat all the meat of the animals I kill and rarely buy meat in stores – now that is meat that is badly handled.
      As far as sniping humans, now that sounds like a poor attitude towards life in general, sorry you have such little respect for life.

      • Hunting might be difficult when you’re out in the wilderness walking for days hoping beyond hope that you see a deer, moose or other large game animal… that’s not quite the same thing as hunting on a private fenced-in game reserve like Chipper.

  3. He’s playing Rambo. He sure is fierce lookin’,eh? How old is he again, nine?
    “Go Gandhi!”

  4. Hey, let’s go out in the woods with just guys, paint each others faces, and kill defenceless things. I’m a man today momma.

  5. He probably eats what he kills, which I assume is standard practice for hunters, I hope. More humane than a slaughterhouse anyway.

  6. cry more. Hunting is sport

    • With terrible sponsors

    • Hunting is not a sport or sporty in any way. One does not have to be athletic or in any specific shape to hunt.

      Hunting used to have a purpose, but in this day and age it’s just an accepted barbaric act anyone can commit. Not to mention we’ve evolved and created guns, scopes, ect and the deer and other hunted animals haven’t evolved a single bit. Seems legit.

  7. Hunting is the new environmentalism — but hey, knock yourself out eating XL beef from Loblaws and heap some self-superiority on your potatoes while you’re at it. Don’t feel bad, those cows had a good life and now you will too.

  8. Dude might as well be from another planet.

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